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Tuesday, November 21

Well Well Well

This week is a lot more promising than last week. I'm still not sleeping well and not waking up well either. such is my lot as an aspiring insomniac/caffeine addict. However, that's not a reason for a week to be considered as "going well".

Tonight we're going out to see a musical, which is nice. Last night we went to Tesco and bought coats, which was also nice. Not quite the material for a good week, though.

Work is looking a lot more interesting than it has been, which is a massive leg-up to my sense of purpose.

However, the big news of the last 24 hours is probably the 3 hour session we had last night at a local Ceroc meeting. For those people who know what Ceroc is, there is probably a knowing smile crossing your face as you read this. For those who don't know what Ceroc is, I'll explain. It's a cross between Salsa and Jive. So it's dancing. However, more than that, Ceroc is a sort of cult. Once you're a member of the group, you can attend Ceroc anywhere in the country. You need never miss a Ceroc session in any given week - it's all over. It's a bit like a religion. Everyone's really nice and welcoming into the church of Ceroc. They're keen to get you started, involved and as passionate as they are about the whole thing.

The classes are set up very well, with a system which makes the beginners feel no sense of stigma for being beginners. Dance partners are switched frequently and everyone has to just do their best... and you do. Though I could wax lyrical to the point of boring about this, or I could cynically point out that it's just dancing, I'll stop. We're hoping to do more of this activity in future, and it will, hopefully provide entertainment and exercise on a regular basis. We may even be able to dance too! Ceroc is evidence that nice people exist and that they want a reason to gather together and do someting fun with similarly nice people.

Okay, so I'm sure that there are some mentalists who also attend, but let's put them to one side.

I'm still waiting for a few things:
  • My weight to drop - I've hit not so much a plateau as a brick wall (this may have something to do with the lack of resolve I have to eat healthily 100% of the time)
  • The aches and pains that cycling or cerocing would normally bring
  • The discovery of the true extent of my new-found lung capacity - at the gig on Sunday I seemed to be able to breathe forever - what's going on with that then? Has the removal of some body fat left a space for my lungs to fill?
That's all for now, I think. On with the fun.


Blogger Duncan Graham said...

Yay, more converts!
I must admit that I've never heard Ceroc described as a cult before, mind...

mentalists - yes, you do get them. Fortunately not many and generally they don't last long.

10:58 AM  

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