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Friday, January 26


Nobody is more surprised than I am that I'm actually feeling motivated to do things around this new house. Especially after the last two nights, where I was rather useless, opting for the quick win over anything that was genuinely difficult-looking, I was quite stunned to become a flurry of activity between arriving home this evening at about 8.30, and calling it a night at about 11.30.

"What can be done in 3 hours?" I pretend to hear you cry. Well, I'd had a brief sojourn to the house before going out for dinner and I had chipped off the fake-tile-made-of-polyfilla from the ceiling in the hall. Deciding that the house would be a better place to work if I kept it tidy, I set about dealing with random bits of debris. I started by vacuuming some of the upstairs. Then the stairs. Then I swept up the bits of my chiseling. Then I decided to do another quick win with the ceiling tiles in the bathroom. This extended itself to removing an old heater from the wall and a number of random screws. Then I tidied that up.

To be honest, though working hardish, I was procrastinating. I had been dreading some particularly evil wallpaper stripping in the downstairs front room. However, the time came. I'd have to say that wallpaper stripping is a little like surprise breasts. "What are surprise breasts?" I hallucinate an audience annunciating. Well, surprise breasts are breasts of a pleasant magnitude and shape on a woman - this is not unusual. However, the surprise is that no matter how hard you try to remember exactly how fullsome and shapely these bosoms are, the moment you next see them, you are impressed anew with their assets. I apologise for the laddish nature of this description. So, as with surprise breasts, so wallpaper stripping is a surprisingly unpleasant job, no matter how unpleasant you expect it to be.

I worked at this room for long enough to get it all off and draw a little blood. Then I tidied up the kitchen (I'm leaving the tidying up of the wallpaper stripping for the morning). I even washed up, which was an excuse to wash my hands in warm water - the gift of two kettles' worth of boiling. It's amazing what a new sink plug can do to keep liquid in a sink for once!

Then upstairs to bed, perchance to go online.

So, a bit of blogging, the discovery that I have a gig in a few days (woo) and then to sleep, perchance to remember to wake up in the morning and do more slaving. I have a roofer coming at midday, and I'd like my hallway's paper-removal to be over by then.



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