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Monday, February 19

A Night At The Home

I went back home after work today. This is the first time I've done that in what seems like ages. I actually made time to do some household tasks. I messed about with some electrics, re-doing a job I'll have to re-do again, since the way I re-did it wasn't good enough for me. D'oh! I took of some wallpaper and took some wall with it. D'oh! I ripped off some tiles where the boiler's going to go and that went ok. Good.

The heating engineers have started by ripping out some of the heating equipment that was already there. That's fair enough, given that you can't put a second lot in with the first lot in the way. Still, it feels like I'm moving further away from having heating, even though I know it's a case of it having to get worse before it gets better.

On the subject of it getting worse before it gets better, my attempts at staying on the dieting wagon today were dashed by a packet of yoghurt-covered banana chips and, after I had a reasonably healthy Subway sandwich, some free Pizza from Pizza Express. This is not quite what I'd planned, and now my mouth tastes all garlicky.

The weekend's excesses were so excessive that I really feel the need to be abstemious this week, lest I roll back into the bad habits which pile on the flab.

I continued my chatting up of the Subway girl tonight only to discover that she's a Mormon and, though I'm sure Mormons are good people, her entire religious outlook sounds, to my cynical ears, like a pile of made-up nonsense. Though chatting up a vaguely pretty student, who sells me sandwiches, is a pastime that I enjoy for its own sake, with no illusions that it should proceed to anything outside of the shop, I find myself deeply put off by the person who won't drink tea or coffee on religious grounds (grounds, geddit?).

Hang on. I'm a religiously tolerant person, aren't I? Yes. So? So, I'll just start going to the nearer Subway when it opens and, in the meantime, steer the subject away from the book of Mormon, which describe's Jesus' visit to America (eh?). Ok.

I did some paperwork in the house. Well, I moved some paperwork about a bit, which felt like progress. I paid a bill, but it was only £2.62, so it's hardly a big weight off my mind, or bank balance.

I put a DVD on eBay today too.


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