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Monday, February 19


So much has happened this weekend, it's been great. Among that which has happened has been the discussion of vocabulary. A bit of vocab never did noone no harm. "Surfeit" is my word of the day, since it describes my weekend's activities pretty well. It means:

To feed or supply to excess, satiety, or disgust.

I think I managed to do things to the level of excess which I think my addictive personality desired. Just as an aside, as a way of satiating my lust for vocabulary, I have managed to resolve the question of the difference between a vestibule and an atrium. Both are a sort of hall, but a vestibule is smaller and an atrium is more of a central room with a skylight. One day I'd like a house with an atrium. I always wanted to build one with such an architectural feature. It's a classic.

Anyway, this weekend has been awash with everything except DIY (well, not everything, but a lot of things). I had a gig on Friday night. On Saturday morning I got up early enough to go and see my family in London. On Saturday evening, there was a movie which made me holler with laughter. On Sunday, I slept to excess, then had an afternoon's company with a friend, including some alcohol consumption. Then on Sunday evening, I did another gig, with various other friends and people I know present. More alcohol was consumed, and I still managed to get to bed by a "reasonable" (in gig terms) time. I ate unhealthily far too much and generally pleased myself ("pleasing yourself" is acceptable, but "pleasuring yourself" is frowned upon).

A good weekend. I'll probably go into specific stories from it in separate posts, but I thought I wouldn't turn this one into a marathon. I'm increasingly aware that people do read this, so I will try to be a little less excessive in presentation, to facilitate skim reading. Skim reading is something you might choose to do if I ever discuss plastering. See what I did there? No? [tap tap] Is this thing on?

Today the heating engineers started work. Apparently there was a plumbing supplies person ringing my doorbell at around 7. It didn't work, which let me off the hook, since I would have slept through it anyway! The delivery guy also didn't try the other doorbell, which does work. So it's his fault. Ha ha! However, I was up at 8 and helped him in with the stuff. Actually, I helped him in with one item and watched him bring the rest of it in himself. After all, it's his job to be a delivery driver and I don't expect him to come to my desk and help me write this blog or whatever it is I do of a day. I think the main reason for my not helping him was that I was too knackered and had only just woke up.

The heating people came a bit after 8 and I showed them round the house and explained what needed doing. They seem sorted enough and I'm happy to leave them to it. I have been quite specific with my list of requirements, but I think I'm generally focusing on the "what" I want, rather than making too many requirements on the "how". So long as you get that balance right, people shouldn't feel like you're telling them their job. By which I mean, I hope they won't, rather than "they'd better not".

So, there's a risk that there may actually be warmth generated in the house by this time next week (or soon after). The guy estimated 3 days, but I've no idea if that's real. Having hot water and working radiators would be a real boon. Plus, I will be able to start putting the two big downstairs rooms right once this work is complete, since there's little chance that someone will come along and need to take up floorboards again.

Apart from the electrician.



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