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Wednesday, March 7

Back In Business

Somehow, despite feeling like I was on the brink of getting into March, there were a few obstacles in my way. First and foremost, there was a spending obstacle - a result of my credit-card/PayPal fraud (I'm the victim, not perpetrator). The combination of the fact that last month's payment took five days to process, coupled with a keen credit limit and the fact that someone had deducted £2000 from my card illegally left me with no ability to use the card. This wasn't good. Although I now pay my credit card off in full each month, I do rely on the ability to pay the bill retrospectively, so suddenly switching to cash was a bit of a bind. An obstacle.

Yesterday, the obstacle was cleared. On the same day, my request for a new credit limit (yes, I used brute force to make the card work again) was agreed AND my payment went through. I can buy shit online again. Though, bizarrely, I can't use PayPal yet. Their solution to the fraud is to lock my account so I can't use it. Brilliant. They'll let some imbecile steal £2000 from my credit card, but I can't buy a DVD. Someone's getting a bum deal.

Last night I went to see a local amateur youth production of Tommy. I was due to meet my co-show-watchers at 6.30. Owing to an overrunning and deeply unsatisfying job interview, I left work later than planned. I then spent an hour and a half in slow-moving traffic. For no apparent reason. I hate that. I'll admit that I eventually flipped out and shouted very loudly at all around me. There was no reason for this, except to vent frustration. The car in front was not closing the gap in the traffic ahead, and felt like it was dawdling... so I lost my temper. At the same time as losing my temper, I also had a voice in my brain keeping a sane eye on things and stopping me from actually doing anything stupid - except shout loudly in a pointless act of anger at something that was nobody in the vicinity's actual fault. I'd like to say that it made me feel better. It didn't.

I was driven to the actual venue, worrying all along the way that we'd be late for the 7.30 show. I was late for my 6.30 arrival (by about 25 minutes!). I didn't want to be the reason we all got in late. As it turned out, it was only 20 minutes to the venue and the show didn't start until 7.45. Plenty of time for a coffee and a chilling out. Then we were watching the show and all of the drama of the real world and our nation's combination of poor drivers and clogged roads was forgotten.

Yesterday also had me up and waiting for my bathroom fitter at around 8am. The call at 8.30 which told me I'd not be expecting him that day after all was a small frustration, but still, I am generally patient (notwithstanding shouting at traffic). Today, after a similar wake up, followed by some piano and guitar playing when no builder was apparently knocking at my door, another call came. He'd be late. But he was coming. Ok. I waited.

Would you credit it, the guy came. We had a nice look around the work that needs doing and, apart from my being given a sink waste where I should have been given a shower waste, I had pretty much provided him with the essentials for his work and he's starting. Right away.

The month is back in gear. I can spend money. I have works happening in the house (the electrician finished his work yesterday, on time and pretty much in budget). I have gigs in the pipeline. I just bought tickets to see my favourite musical - Little Shop Of Horrors - I have a new found understanding of Tommy, and I plan to see some more shows in the near future. If this is life, then I can live with it.


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