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Saturday, March 31


Last night was a lot of fun. I freshened up at the hotel and went out for the drinks I've been needing all week. Some fun and some friends was definitely what the doctor would have ordered. After drinks we were looking for a taxi when someone noticed a car rolling past with no driver in it. So, I ran after it and caught it and pushed it back up the hill. Don't worry. I'm not saying I'm a hero. The car was a corsa and it was moving on a slight incline at less than walking pace. Having stopped it, I had a new problem. What do you do with a car that will roll away if you take your leg away? We were calling the police when its owner appeared. He failed to grasp that we'd just saved his car from crashing and that he'd better learn to use the handbrake. Always one to attempt to optimise the moment, I asked him where he was going. A free lift, even from a driver who doesn't know how to stop his car rolling away, would have been better than paying for a taxi. It would had some karma thing in there too. He failed to get it. I think we were best leaving him to it. I waited until he was behind the controls before letting go. That was a silly moment in my life. But fun. I think I would have aborted my car catching had it looked like I was actually getting myself run over. As it happened, I was more than a match for a wee car on a slight incline. Power rangers!

This morning I slept in. Yes! I needed the sleep. I still feel a bit groggy, but last week is behind me. Various, well two, workmen have been in touch and my house is definitely moving forwards apace at the moment. I'm pleased and slightly scared. The more work they do, the more I spend. The slower it is done, though, the more it will cost, so I think it has to be done now and fast. I have no time for rest next week. Come the end of Easter monday I will either feel a winner or a stressed out loser. We'll see. At least I'll be able to shower when I get home: mint!

When I finished on the phone with my roofer I headed into Edinburgh via Boots where I bought hand cream and nail clippers. I'm now in a Starbucks on the outside of a coffee and covered in cream. Hand cream. I'm pleased to be back in Edinburgh. I have a long history with this city. This Starbucks is where I have sat before many gigs and during many Edinburgh Festivals. In fact a few feet away is where I remember planning the musical accompaniment to our hilarious dance routine in The Musical!. I've just checked and they still haven't put up a blue plaque. Just kidding. Of course they have.

I find myself referring to The Musical! a lot more than normal at the moment. I'm not sure if it is a response to planning for Fringe 2007 or whether It's a form of regression. Am I rolling my personality back to before my last relationship began? I don't know.

I do know that I'm a 33 year old overweight man with dry hands sitting texting a blog entry in Starbucks while Edinburgh is out there waiting to be walked in. Must go.


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