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Wednesday, March 28

My Brain Aches

All of the following things are currently on my mind. Here's a way of getting them off my mind. I'll write about them.

Reply To All - Suppression
At work, sometimes, emails come round to everyone asking us all to do something. Invariably, some tosser hits reply-to-all when they reply back to say that it's not working for them. So we all have to see their emails. In the past I've sent a reply-to-all to their reply-to-all which makes a joke of this. Doing this once is funny. It would have to be really funny to justify doing it again. I still want to make a fool of the people who can't distinguish between reply and reply-to-all...

Then, today, someone replied-to-all asking people not to reply-to-all. I so wanted to reply back... I didn't. It bothered me either way.

Edinburgh - Resigned To Committee
I'm involved with a second group taking a show to Edinburgh this year. Yesterday around 100 emails flew around - everyone replying to all, thrashing out the plan. It's not the plan I thought people were aiming for. There are 5 groups (a total of 11 or 12 individuals) to coordinate and a lot of incomplete and second-hand information. It was simpler when it was all theoretical. Hopefully they'll meet and sort it out on Thursday. My plans for Edinburgh are slightly contingent on theirs.

I'll do what I can to help them once they've decided what they're doing. If they were doing what I advised, I would feel less tense about it. As it is, I think they're going to have to work hard to make it work.

Free Parking
I'm due at the railway station in a few minutes. The other day (Monday) I parked there and someone offered me their all-day parking ticket. I said that I felt I ought to buy my own. Now, with very little in the way of change in my pocket, I almost regret not taking their ticket... maybe I'd have change left for the machine now? Or maybe not. I have a homeless-habit. I give money to people who ask me for it in railway stations. Does that make me an addict?

Little Shop
Heading to London tonight to see what is probably my favourite musical - Little Shop of Horrors. It's a cracker. I have also spent an amount of time today thinking about another favourite - My Fair Lady. It's hard to say why I think one might be better than the other. So maybe I don't.

Tiling Stress
Last night's tiling was good in terms of cutting and nearly completing. The fact that I didn't complete, owing to a lack of adhesive, is a stress. However, I can get the last six tiles down tonight, probably, and then it's all done. The bathroom guy starts again tomorrow. Sadly, I think one of my tiles is particularly off level, which may give him trouble, fitting the toilet on top of the tiles. I hope he has some clever system for dealing with toilets which aren't quite on a level surface.

That's the problem with DIY jobs. I'm too aware of all their flaws. Aaagh.

Last night's tiling was also stressfull on the knees. I lost skin. They still ache. I may have to find something soft to kneel on tonight - perhaps my brain!

Thursday Pressure Relief Day
I deliberately left Thursday free to allow me to do things which hadn't quite finished in time. So far, the list for Thursday includes
  • Grouting
  • Painting
  • Ironing
I reckon the painting won't happen. That's going to make next week busy.

Going Away For The Weekend
Friday is a half day. Then I go to London and get a train to Newcastle, wait a few minutes in Newcastle and then go to Edinburgh. There's a hotel booked. It should be a good weekend. I think. Assuming I don't spend the entire time worrying about undone DIY jobs and wearing unironed clothes!

Next Week Decorating
I'm supposed to know how to put wallpaper up in time to go and do it next weekend in Newcastle. So I need to finish my gloss painting in the room in which I was going to paper. Then I can put the paper up.

Oh.. but I have 2 gigs... so the 2nd and 3rd are my only days for this. Though the gig on the 4th is only 15 miles from home. I may be able to squeeze some DIY in. Aaagh. Pressures.

House Budget
I did some sums. They weren't good. The good news is that there's a lot getting sorted at the moment - especially the roof. This is, of course, all going to cost money. At the current projections, it will get tight. More stress then.

I need a back massage. Now!

Newcastle Decorating - Easter Weekend
I have a frankly ridiculous plan for the Easter weekend and redecoration in Newcastle. The good bit of the plan involves beer and teamwork. The rest may go desperately wrong!

We'll see.

If Edinburgh relaxes me, then all will work!


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