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Tuesday, March 13

Saturation Point

It's been two weeks so far this month that I've not had a single gig. This is good in the sense that it has allowed me to get on with house things, see friends, and generally stay sane. However, in the remainder of the month I have 7 gigs definitely in the diary another one pretty much sorted and then I've also applied for a couple more. So March may end up a 10 gig month in its latter half. That's the equivalent of a 20 gig month for the duration of the gigging period. Gulp.

I can't say no. More specifically, I can't stop myself trying to push my way into any gig that looks even vaguely available. The reason for this is fairly obvious. I'm rebelling against the past situation I had, when I had responsibilities to ther people, which meant that I had to keep control over how much silliness I indulged. I'm also rebelling against the received wisdom which suggests that you can't do much during the week because you're at work. This is nonsense. You work for 8 hours, you sleep for about 6 - so what about the other 10 hour? I think we all know... Perhaps sleeping for 6 hours seems a bit mean, but I don't think I sleep much more than that on a work day. Even if I'm not out gigging, I'll be awake. The point is that the time can be flexed to fit everything in.

However, I'm looking at this week's plan and, when you factor in some other requirements I have, like trying to keep my DIY moving along, I'm actually a little fearful that I'll just snap. It's this fear that keeps me keen, I guess. I'll write a DIY post next, to talk about all the tasks I've recently achieved, but for the time being, let's just say that I've got a load of DIY to do, and my definitely spare evening (this evening) has now been double booked - I'm nipping to London tonight to a meeting, regarding a sketch show I help with. So, if I'm to achieve any DIY tonight, it will have to happen later on. I suppose I could do 11pm to 1am on the DIY tonight, in order to give myself a bit of a kick in the right direction - then it will be almost as though I hadn't lost tonight to something else. Almost.

The weekend looks like a busy place too... though I have to do some DIY then. It's essential. The house must not stop. £40 for each day I stand still.

Quick week plan:

Tuesday: Meeting in London
Wednesday: Open spot near to the office - so maybe some DIY after?
Thursday: A comic relief benefit gig in Manchester - very late night, though. Very. Late.
Friday: Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP. Then work. Then a gig in Southampton.
Saturday: Another lie in is probable, but should not be allowed. DIY! Then I have agreed to do a gig in Dover. Another charity gig. So leave home 3.30pm. Dover! What am I thinking!?
Sunday: I can lie in on Sunday. I'll have to. I'll be too knackered. Then I can do some household things. But I have a charity gig in London on Sunday night. Shouldn't be too taxing.
Monday: I have to rush out of the office a little earlier than usual to go to a gig in London, for which I need to arrive early to learn a dance routine. Dance routine!
Tuesday: I have the day off. However, I'm going to wake up a little earlier than usual and head up North for a gig. That's how I take the day off.
Wednesday: I will have returned late night from my northern gig. I will sleep until late morning and then go to work for the half-day. Then onto the DIY...

It's a lot to do in those magical 10 spare hours every day. In terms of why I'm doing the gigs, they're all unpaid and they're mainly for charity. The one up north is for the sheer hell of it. The one near the office is an open spot which should, if it goes well, contribute towards getting a reputation as someone who ought to get paid work. But, come on, I'm not an idiot. I can read the above list and see that it's way too much to fit into my life, without the risk of compromising something. I fully expect to miss out on sleep and DIY progress, but for some reason I refuse to believe that it will be impossible to get through the plan.

I recently, in fact it was on my birthday, had the benefit of seeing someone else's view of how busy I am. Someone commented to me that I, apparently, run around like a blue-arsed fly for most of my life. It was a received opinion, based, perhaps, on previous weeks when I've been as busy as the above. I couldn't see it as a true reflection of my life when I heard it. Comparing that view with the above list, it's obvious. I don't know when to stop. I've got gluttony in my soul, and whether it's food or fun activity, I can't stop myself indulging myself.

So, I'm scared of losing control of things (not least my car on a late night drive home), but I'm resolved to put my shoulders forward and blast my way through this series of challenges. And why not!? I'll appreciate the quiet times more. Or maybe I'll just find them too quiet.

If you want something doing, give it to a busy man.


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