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Friday, March 9


There are two floors in my house which are presently undergoing works. There's me in the downstairs, trying to bring two rooms to a decorated state. Then there's the shower room upstairs, which I have already wrecked to the point of being bare brick walls, and which I'm employing someone to turn into a real room with appropriate fittings, cubicles etc.

Yesterday I returned home, after giving a lift to a work colleague, whom I may give lifts to quite a lot from now on, given that he lives round the corner from me and would otherwise have to take two hours' worth of public transport to get home. Public transport sucks. I returned home with trepidation. I was expecting to see the skeleton of the new shower cubicle, maybe even some boxed pipework or something. What I discovered was amusing. There were three pieces of new wood in the bathroom. In fairness, they were beautifully cut and attached. I looked around, trying to see what else had been done. There was also a hole cut for the extractor fan, and another for the drain from the shower. Oh, and there were four holes in the ceiling for the lights. I was still amused, though.

I think that the builder has been called away from working on my house by other jobs. Surely that's the explanation. He does have a problem at a nearby property he runs, so he must have been called away.

Still the work he's done so far is of a good quality, and he seems to have some nice tools, so he must know what he's doing. I'm not paying him by the hour, so it shouldn't matter to me how he does it. Perhaps he's a person who plans and plan and then, in a fit of herculean effort, suddenly makes it all happen in one single day's spurt of activity.

I don't know.

I had a bit of a slow night last night myself. I wanted to replicate my efforts of the night before where I got a whole room sanded and filled, ready for painting and papering. I couldn't do it. There were a few reasons. The fact that the shower room guy had used the living room as his place for keeping his lengths of wood for the shower cubicle hampered me a little. This room was also full of all of my tools, in a random jumble too. So, I did the only sensible thing. I sorted out my tools and swept the room out first. Then I did some sanding. There's probably another 4 hours' work to do in that room to get it up to standard. However, I'm not sure whether I want to make the shelves and boxing inside the alcove cupboard in the room before I commit any paint to it. If I'm going to make the shelves, then I may as well do it before properly dusting the room out, because it will make a load of dust. The shelves can then be painted with the rest of the woodwork. It seems like the right thing to do.

Maybe on Monday I'll do the sanding and some filling. Then perhaps on Tuesday I can set about making the inside of this alcove cupboard. I should probably even do some of my patented amateur plastering in there. Actually, I'm not sure one can patent being shit.

This weekend, I'm off up north to help someone else in their house. I'll hopefully be motivated more when I return. Or totally knackered.



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