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Thursday, April 12

May You Live In Interesting Times

The title of this post is an old curse. I suppose that living in "interesting" times is probably a bad thing, since "interesting" could be a euphemism for "the sort of stuff that makes the news", i.e. some bad shit. In my case, I like to live in interesting times. I like there to be many things on my plate, many plates spinning and many balls to keep in the air. That's why I'm going to work as a fat clown in a circus. Nope. That's just the natural extension of metaphors going wrong. I love metaphors. I'd make a shit autistic.

I do feel somewhat oppressed by the sheer number of conflicting priorities I have at the moment. I'm increasingly aware, now, of how much I managed to neglect basic responsibilities while I was living the latter days of my life in Newcastle. I did no maintenance of the house, though this weekend put a lot of things right, and I did scant cleaning. Now, with money flowing through me like sick through a whole in a paper bag, and so many things to do to keep the house moving quickly enough that the basic level of money flow doesn't end up eclipsing the project money, I'm quite amazed at how productive I need to be all the time in order to stay sane.

I need downtime.

I haven't time for downtime.

In truth, I ran aground last night. I did a couple of hours and then got overfaced by the sheer quantity of things I could do, that I just called it a day. I published the photos of the weekend, which wasn't a quick task. There are several other "not quick" tasks I'd like to do on my computer too, like break up a long recording into tracks, or write some comedy... but there's no time.

So, I watched half of the Mitchell and Webb Live DVD that arrived yesterday. I was falling asleep, so I stopped it and slept. I overslept in fact. I woke early enough to get to work on time, provided the traffic wasn't too bad. The traffic was bad. D'oh!

Last night, I did manage to put a new wooden support in for one of my floorboard. I screwed it in with some beauty screws that a friend of mine gave me on the weekend - the screws knew the score, they just went into the wood and held tight. Totally brilliant.

I also did some wood filling in the bathroom. I need to do some sanding in there, but I don't want to mess up the floor, so I'll delay the sanding until all the filling is done and then I'll lay a great big dust sheet down and hope for the best. I've noticed that the one majorly wonky tile is annoying me less at the moment.

Other than bathroom filling and that floorboard fix, I didn't do very much of use in the house. I cleaned some paint-brushes, which is one job I truly despise, but the brushes are so good that they're worth cleaning.

Oh, and I found the screwdriver head attachment for my drill, which I thought I'd lost. That's good.

One problem with all these busy times is that they can make for the most interesting writing, or at least the sort of journal writing that I might like to look back on, yet they make me too busy to make time for writing about them. Since work is currently busier than normal at the moment, and my lunchbreaks have been seconded for B&Q trips or the like, it's hard to find time to write on here. I don't want to lose track of what's been going on. So, I'll try to write something.

Even if it's a disconnected series of thoughts, rather than a coherent story.

Even if it's not proof that I'm living in "interesting times".


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