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Friday, April 13

Slack Time

I raced out of work last night at 5.30pm. I had a meeting to go to in London. I ended up on a train back to Farnborough at 9.12pm. I was in Tesco at 10.45pm, in bed at 11.30pm or so. This morning I woke up at about 8, feeling quite refreshed. I had time for a morning shower, which truly rocks.

Despite the apparently action-packed nature of the evening, rushing to and from London, and the fact that I managed to do a little bit of wood filling when I got home, though nothing too impressive - slowly, slowly, filly, monkey, I feel like I had a relaxing time last night. I'm certainly feeling recharged enough to consider a massive project for this weekend - the tearing down of a ceiling. I was going to tell my electrician not to come on Monday morning, but I'm now thinking that perhaps he should. Let's get the wiring done!

Let me put a bit more meat on the bones of last night's jaunt. Or should that be joint? No, it was a jaunt. I didn't cook a joint. Had I cooked a joint, then I would have expected plenty of meat on the bones. However, I don't have a kitchen at the moment, so it ain't gonna happen. Get over it!

I was off to London for a pre-Edinburgh meeting for MySketch. I'm helping them in the first two weeks of their Edinburgh Fringe run (of 3 weeks) doing technical things for them. I'd like to be there for the whole three weeks, but that ain't gonna happen, for one reason or another. I think that the main reason it won't happen is that I haven't got the spare holiday time. Another good reason is that it's twice as much effort to do 3 weeks as it is two. Anyhoo, I was there for them at the meeting and I'll be there for the first two weeks. My role is that of chief techie. I'll run their lighting and sound for them and train an apprentice to do it for week 3. It should be a lot of fun.

I'll end up seeing the same show 14 times, but it'll be a good show.

To be honest with you, the idea of going to Edinburgh as a performer used to be a real goal, now it's just a habit. I've taken to wanting to go to Edinburgh and do other things. I've wanted to tech a Fringe show for a while, so this will be my chance to do that. I did a small amount of lighting and sound in a Fringe show in 2004, but I'm not counting that. So there. One day I want to go as a reviewer. Then, perhaps I'll run a venue. Better still, I should buy a flat and rent it there... that's where the profit is.


I was on the train for a good 50 minutes or so. I had a script to read, which amused me. It was a script that might be involved in a show I might be doing, More on that if it starts to look like it's going to happen. I then turned on the mp3 player and listened to Morecambe and Wise while trying not to be noticed in my occasional "checking out" of the girl sitting opposite. It's spring and I make no apologies for having my eye drawn to curvy fleshy things that are visible to the naked eye. I'm sorry that my genetic programming forces my eye like this, but I'm not apologising to noone. Not even her boyfriend.

Eric, Ernie and boobs. A good rail journey. I was in high spirits.

Off the train, onto a couple of tubes. No boobs on the tubes. Shame.

Then I ended up in the makeshift meeting room, which was a pub in Holborn. I hadn't had chance to get to a cash machine, so I didn't buy a drink. I had offered to buy a round for everyone present (about 7 of us) on my credit card, but people accused me of not being able to afford to do it, and I didn't want to start posturing about salaries or, more realistically, the fact that a round of drinks was a mere drop in the ocean, compared to the amount of money that's seeping out of my bank account in the same manner that the sea seeps into the cliffs. I just didn't get a drink in the end, it was simpler.

We met, we talked, cups were tapped for attention, it was fun. I like the people involved. It's chaotic and anarchic and self-organising and it seems to make itself work. Common goals are a great way to get people to make it work.

Then back on tubes and trains, listening to Alan Partridge this time. Then Tesco, where I totally failed to be inspired to buy more than a few snacks - albeit of the healthy variety. I wanted a couple of new shirts, but found the shirt range to be depressing. I should have bought a new toothbrush, but forgot.

Back home I watched the tail-end of the Mitchell and Webb DVD I got the the other day. I love Mitchell and Webb, but their live DVD is not their finest hour. Still, a lot of it was fun and I would have enjoyed it live. I'm a harsher critic than I used to be, so to have enjoyed it at all is a good thing.

So, I ended up in bed and ready to sleep on the same day I awoke and I gave myself to the land of nod. It was a busy night, but not as demanding as other nights. As a result I shall tackle today with alacrity.


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