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Wednesday, June 27

My Sketch

I'm proud to be involved with MySketch. They are a collective of like-minded sketch groups, who have done a gig each month of this year so far at the Etcetera theatre in Camden. I first got involved in the days following the break-up of my relationship with my now-ex-girlfriend. I won't mention her by name and she's now in the category of good friend, but the fact that we were together for nearly 2 years makes her harder to describe in a phrase.

Anyway, I suppose it's odd that nearly 5 months have passed since I was made single (it's a bit like being made redundant, only with more crying). It's also been quite a journey for me. The involvement with the sketch group has been one of many delightful decorations in the carriage I've been travelling in. As I said, I'm proud to be involved with them. The last couple of shows have gone really well and I've come to feel like my skills are being put to good use, while, at the same time, it's an involvement which is not about me. I just help out. Okay, so I get to do some voiceovers which interact with the sketch or the audience, and I get to make it all flow (or fail to)... but I'm not in the limelight and I like it.

A friend came along to the show on Monday and, though the audience were small and felt unable to laugh out loud except at the most hilarious bits, we both agreed it was a corker of a show. I watched the audience through the window (when I had time between working knobs and levers) and they were doing loud smiling - some were grinning like twats. That's good enough for me.

Part of Monday's challenge was to compile the technical script and sound effects CD for the show in a very short timeframe. I had about an hour and a half at home, and some time on the train in which to do it. It was the first time that I didn't need to reburn the CD between arriving in London and starting the show. We're getting better at it, that's what I'm saying.

I went on to do the sketch show directly from getting my glasses sorted. I left the car in a public car park near the big shopping centre in Reading. When I got back the parking charge was £7 - very reasonable for half a day's parking. Unlike the £30 I got charged overnight for being parked as near to my house as I could get last night.

Next time I'm blocked out my drive, I should just drive into town and park there.

Sorry - got off topic there. MySketch - very good. See it. Old Red Lion pub in Angel on 16th July. Or in Edinbugger.


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