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Tuesday, August 21

Back To Planet Earth

There's nothing like a few weeks away from the real world to make you look at your life and wonder. I wonder lots of things. I wonder where the hell I'm actually going. I don't know. I do know that I've got things I've decided to do and that I'll be doing those things from now on. I do know that my life from today will be different to the life I was leading back in June or July. I do know that I can't just sit back and see what happens. I'm going to have to be proactive in the next few months and move things onwards, or I will end up even more confused than I have ever been.

Today I started a new job. So far so good. It's hard to get the measure of a place from a single day (plus nearly a whole day being interviewed) there. However, the overall verdict, so far, is good. There seem to be some smart people there and there seems to be good management. That's not to say that there are no faults, but I've not been present in the place long enough to get a measure of anything meaningful, except that the coffee and sandwiches are a little overpriced and not incredibly good.

Home is a strange beast too. I've felt more at home in other houses than I do in this one. This is mine, but it's not really homely. I need to do something about this place. Unfortunately, there are a few potential evils lurking around the corner, which seem to threaten to make my renovation plans falter. I need to sort this shit out. Imminently.

Theoretically, I've plenty of time to be getting myself into gear this week, as I've no after-hours fixtures to look after until Friday. However, whether I have any motivation after a day in the office at my new job is a matter of some uncertainty. This, coupled with the fact that I'm not quite sure what to eat, is an issue.

The reason I'm not sure what to eat is that I managed to lose about 9 pounds between leaving Reading and returning after my labour/energy intensive trips to Newcastle and Edinburgh. The idea of regaining that weight, especially since I've just bought a new pair of trousers, which fit well, but without a huge margin of error, worries me. As a result, I'm sort of not sure if I want to let myself eat anything that might challenge the weightloss. A day in the office is very different to a day on the Royal Mile, or a day running around a house doing things.

Of course, if I were so motivated, I could spend my nights running around this house and sorting things out. There are walls and a ceiling to strip in my second bedroom, for instance. There are some walls to be painted, some to be repainted. I could even organise all my tools, or do some lining papering... there's much to be done. I feel absolutely zero motivation to do any of it as I write this. Perhaps some epiphany will occur after I hit the Post button.

So, back to earth with a thump.


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