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Sunday, August 5

I Need Internet Access

It is late Saturday night and I've had a cracking day. It's been a bit unusual in festival terms, but I have enjoyed it. I will be going to bed at some point before 5 in good spirits.

Breakfast was healthy. So far I've followed my resolve to remain on the healthy eating (according to my definition at least) plan. I didn't manage to eat again until much much later, where I munched optimistically on a sandwich on a park bench opposite the Festival theatre and had time to take stock of the day.

After breakfast I'd mooched about until I was invited to a friend's house. As I headed there it became clear that I'd have to make a flying visit. Ok. I can do that. I also misjudged my departure time, reading from a slow clock, so I had to grab a taxi to get to my gig on time. I was early in the end, and managed to have a phone chat before it started, missing the opportunity to do a sound check. This didn't matter, given that there was no audience and no Pa system to plug into. The show was run, in the end, as a dress rehearsal, with me playing the role of audience throughout, except during my 5 minute guest spots where someone else from the cast gamely took over and laughed in the right sort of places. I won't be doing their show again, owing to lack of availability, so it mattered less whether I got it right or not.

I spent the next hour or so buying a new case for my guitar, along with some new strings. I also walked across town to where I'd be meeting the acts for the evening's show and managed to send so many texts that I killed the battery of my phone. Luckily, I'd just let everyone I was picking up know where I was sitting.

We headed towards the car and I was glad that the headline act mentioned his Tv work in passing. He was someone I've not net before, but knew from his work, and I didn't want to get all embarrassed about things if it was me that mentioned it. The other act, a fan of the show in question, hadn't worked out whom he was walking with until that point. Very silly.

We got to the gig in plenty of time and had a nice chat. Though the gig itself proved not to be a barnstormer, I enjoyed myself and I think a night away from the lunacy of the Fringe was probably good. I'm not officially here until Monday, I've decided. I am, like my life, in a sort of good limbo. Still the company here is excellent.

The voice is still working. I feel like I've been on the go forever today. My house is now fully rented out, and I have had good company in various forms over the course of the day. That is truly excellent. More more.


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