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Friday, September 7

Packing Them In

If I produce an album of my comic songs, and I'm contemplating doing that at some stage. I think I might call it "Packing Them In". It seems to describe how I treat my life at the moment. I'm packing in as much as I can. I'm not necessarily giving everything the full attention it needs, but I'm cramming my hours as full as possible, so I guess, I'm still getting a lot out of life.

Maybe I'm wrong.

This is worth later discussion.

Anyway. Last night I had to work late. I don't know if the word "had" is quite the right word. I chose to. I found myself in the office doing things at 7.30pm. It had been a good day. We'd gotten fruit. I say "we". In fact, I had previously started the fruit buying and then a colleague did the next round, so I went to buy a bowl for keeping the fruit in. That was a lunchtime and a half. I bought a bowl for some fruit and also a huge piece of graph paper (a pad full of them in fact) in order to draw pictures on, illustrating how well we were achieving some goal we'd set for ourselves.

If you have a goal and it's measurable (especially if it's easy to measure) then measure it for a while, draw a graph, and see how you're doing. I should probably do that with weightloss. But I won't.

Anyway, it was 7.30pm and I had a gig in London. I finished my work, went to the car, and then I drove to the gig. I reckoned I'd be there for 9pm.

I was wrong.

I must stop listening to my sat nav's London directions. I should not have gone through Piccadilly or Haymarket. They were too busy. There was a roadblock outside Harrods, which only made matters worse. Why oh why oh why oh...

...never mind. I got to the gig for 9.30pm and I wasn't due on for another hour. I also kept the organiser informed, so it was no major trauma in the end.

I got to see the middle section of the show and the audience looked like fun. I discovered how much fun they were when I hit the stage. I was planning to do 15-20 minutes, but owing to some positive heckling, which is heckling with the subtext of "here's something for you - see if you can make funny with it" as opposed to "ah fuck off" or "here's something to make you look stupid", I ended up doing about 30 minutes. They forced me to reprise bits they liked and I got to make them laugh with random words.

I even used my gift joke. There's a line I use on an audience I've really come to enjoy playing to, which isn't even funny. However, with the right audience, I know they'll laugh immensely at it. It's a sign of having bonded.

So, knackered though I was, I left the gig happy. If that's a productive day professionally and comedically, then I can pack loads of them in.


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