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Monday, September 10

Well That's Interesting

I suppose one of the problems of being the diarist is that you're forever trying to find something interesting to talk about. At least, that's what you think you're doing. And by "you", I mean "me". What I want to believe is that I can make the daily happenings in my life seem interesting. If I were totally honest about some days, I think my entries might read:

Dear Diary. Not much happened to me today. In fact, I think I managed to go for an entire 24 hour period with nothing to show for it except the relentless onward progress towards my grave, or other means of body-disposal post-mortem. In fact, I totally wasted 24 of the last hours I'm ever going to have. Sorry.

I don't want entries that read like that, so I'll pretend that what I have to say is of some value and we'll leave it at that, eh?

As it happens, I have done a few things today, so I'll do the highlights and I can expound on three stories which come up. Today involved:
  • I went to work. Nope.
  • I did some work at work. Erm... still nope.
  • I mentioned Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle in a discussion. And? And nothing.
  • I went out at lunchtime for a haircut. Oooh - there's a story there.
  • I bought some fruit for the team from M&S. A fact, not a story.
  • I worked some more, came home and did some DIY, discovered some likely causes of wet plaster, then spoke with the plasterer. Ah, there's probably a story there too.
  • Then I got weighed and got food (and some spare trousers).
Right. I have a budget of three things to talk about. Here we go.

The Trousers
Having been weighed today, I can now divulge that my mass has reduced by a further 2 pounds getting me to the one stone mark. I have lost a stone in weight since 1st August, and I think I've not been this low in weight in a very long time. If I can lose another stone, then I'll be where I recall being in my second year at university (and no time since!) - so that would be a reversal of 14 years of poor nutrition.

After the weigh-in, I went to buy some food. I ended up at Tesco where I decided to buy a second pair of trousers, so I don't have to rush my current work trousers through the wash. I pondered whether I wanted to buy a second pair the same size as my current ones, or wait to see if I would drop a size first. Then the voice of reason in my head kicked in. This is the same voice that I've been using to deal with other of my unrealistic hopefulnesses of late. This voice has one duty alone - "It's not going to happen, deal with it".

Now, I hope to lose weight enough to drop a trouser size. Don't get me wrong. However, I shouldn't be counting any chickens. I'll have to work for it.

In other matters, my hopefulness is more hopeless, and there is no way of achieving the impossible I might wish for. So my voice of reason is quite an important voice at the moment. It's also figurative. There are no voices - just various flavours of me.

The Haircut
Getting a head shave and beard shave should be straightforward. My last attempt involved a woman who didn't seem to be reacting to the content of what I said, so much as using keywords I said in order to fuel her irrelevant comments. She also told me how cheap the head shave was, but then charged quite splendidly for applying the same clippers to the beard. I was confused.

Today, I went to a different barber's shop I noticed in Bracknell. The queue was so large, I decided to go back to the first shop. For some reason, the first shop wasn't where I expected it to be, so I went to a different place opposite.

They saw me without an appointment, which was nice, and I explained what I wanted. "I don't do beards" said one girl. I said that it was just the same as doing the top of my head, only lower down, and I reckoned she'd probably be able to do it. Another girl came out. She was equally wary of taking the head clippers below the level of my sideburns. Weird.

Eventually, she had a go, and with some coercion, she managed to trim most of the beard hair. It seemed a lot of effort. It was, however, cheaper than "the cheapest head shave in Bracknell". So that's something.

The House
I was going to angle grind some more paint on the exterior of my house, but I decided to give my scraper a go at it. I bought the scraper on Saturday before I zoomed off to Blackburn to be stared at by an audience - even when I was trampolining in front of them. Weird. Anyway, the scraper is a sharp blade on a handle. I used it to remove some paint that the angle grinder couldn't reach. Then, I used it to attack some paintwork that the angle grinder could reach.

Overall, I think the scraper may be slightly slower, but it's cheaper to run (blades are cheaper than the angle grinding plates), I have an easier supply of its consumables, it doesn't kick up nearly as much dust, and it doesn't kill the bricks. I also got the chance to really probe the "how much does my brickwork need repointing" issue.

So, I scraped away. I found that there was loose brickwork pretty close to where there had been a damp problem. The clue to the damp problem may be in that. I also found a definite need for further repointing near the other damp problem. Damp problem has been solved, I reckon!

The plasterer came round to have a look at what's gone wrong. He's agreed to replace or treat various sections of plaster and it will be completed this week. This is good.

The builder also started today. This is also good.

The heating people will be doing something soon, which will help.

Next job - get the kitchen ordered!

Actually, this has been quite a productive day. I'm exhausted.

Oh and I played some online scrabble.


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