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Tuesday, October 23

If Mohammed Won't Come To The Mountain

Some supplementary comments made on the subject of Tuesday with the benefit of hindsight

It was quite exciting, at the end of the working day today, to get in my car and drive to a meeting out of the office. I know. It shouldn't be. A meeting is just a meeting right? But it was fun. It's nice to be in a fresh environment. In addition, when you deal with someone and hear about their work colleagues, it's just not the same as when you've see the people in question and understood how it's all actually done. Now I can picture how it all works.

After the meeting, in which I drew on a whiteboard, made a spreadsheet, wrote an email, decided I should send it, regardless of the fact that it made some strong demands, and then sent it, I went home.

I needed to test that my work laptop, which was coming with me for the evening (the first time it's left the office with me) would work at home. I want to do some working from home in a week's time, and I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't get hit with network problems from the moment I started. It's only reasonable to test this. It worked. Sorted. I will get a quality day of working done while I wait for my fridge to be delivered. Fair deal in my view.

I had to be in London for a show that started at 7.30. I was teching it, and so had to be there early enough to try out all the sound cues and generally geek it up. It wasn't far from the railway station to the venue, but I had my bike to take and take it I would. I cycled down to the railway station in Reading, trained it to Paddington and then hurried my way to the venue. I even managed to chain my bike up in a new an interesting manner on the inside of some railings that were themselves chained up outside the pub, lifting the bike over them and chaining it from my side. I had dressed in my "England" Rugby shirt, which wasn't an official purchase, bought for a few quid from a motorway service station. However, I'd like to think I cut a rugged form in my rugger shirt and shorts, fresh with red face from the cycling. Who knows!? I probably looked a right nana, though I wasn't in my "great big hobnail boots". Anyone who knows what I'm going on about can keep it to themselves.

The show was a success and seemed to last all of 90 seconds - the pace being a little quick, and the unfamiliarity of the equipment making me stumble a little hither and thither.

After arriving back in Reading, my stomach empty, I hurried to Tesco to find things to fill it with. While I was in Tesco I rang my parents who were asking when they might next see me. I hadn't told them about my forthcoming holiday in New York. I told them that this might get in the way of my having spare time in which to see them. Then they told me that they were due in New York next month. When? Overlapping dates. Amazing! So, I'm going to meet them for lunch in New York. That's how it goes.

The coincidences surrounding the New York trip don't quite stop there, though. I had been worried about the fact that I'd have to leave work early in order to make it to the plane on time for the trip. I had warned my employer of this, but there was always the possibility that something would crop up, requiring me to be doing work-related things that might jeopardise my timely arrival at Heathrow airport. One worries about these things. Today I found out that I have a meeting on the afternoon of the day I'm due to be flying out. The meeting is 2pm to 4pm, out of the office. Yikes. It's at Heathrow airport. Bingo Bango Bongo! Ridiculously convenient. Thanks employer! Thank you to the gods of coincidences.

Note. There are no such things as coincidences. Nor gods. Just in case this was getting a bit "believery".


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