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Tuesday, December 4

Disco Inferno

An amazing day. Up fairly early, woken in a friendly but confusing way. When my friend woke me up, I resisted the urge to speak my mind - when I'm that sleepy, the thought "do we have to wake up? can't we just snuggle?" always sits somewhere in the back of my mind. Snuggling isn't "snuggling" in the Simpsons sense, by the way. It's more the hot-water-bottle, teddy-bear, snoozy num-nums.

Anyway, there was some helping to find the bus stop and then some driving to work, which, in turn, was a novelty act (as in an action of some novelty value) as I didn't go to work in my own office, but that of the people I was collaborating with for the day. Lunch rapidly approached and I fended off the hunger with the Waitrose sushi - vegetarian sushi pseudo-wrap... oh... my... goodness.

When 5 o'clock came and the work was still not complete, there was only one thing for it. BUNDLE! No, not that. I decided to come back later. First, however, there was the small matter of the stage show I'd agreed to do sound and lighting for in London. So, off home I trotted (drove) and then I got changed while making a phone call, and then joined a conference call while cycling to the railway station. Not content with the cycling, I followed it up with the train, where my participation in the call was less breathless, but more likely to be interrupted by an announcement.

Then, at London, I returned to the saddle and blasted my way across town to the theatre.

The show ran without a hitch. Except for the hitches. I did a couple. The cast skipped a sketch. We improvised our way out of it... and then... well, the show was over.

Then a drink with a friend whom I'd invited to the show only to then pretty much blether at and complain about how ridiculous the last few hours had been. He pointed out that I chose to make them ridiculous and I guess these sillinesses are the product of how I choose to live my life. So it's my fault then. Ah well.

Back on the bike. On the train at 9.57 - the guard tried to chivvy me along. Sod him. I was tired.

Back in Reading and back home for 10.30. I had some salad and a yoghurt waiting for me. I needed downtime. I collapsed for a few minutes and chatted with my housemate. Then, I picked myself up and went back to work. Arriving at the office around midnight, we continued long into the night. At some point coffees were enjoyed. I had bought some fruit to eat. It was a roller coaster of a night.

You bond under those circumstances. You have respect for the other night owls. It's the law.


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