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Sunday, June 29

Get Out

With a prickly forehead from yesterday's sun, I awoke and started packing my things away. Then I concentrated on undoing the outside of the tent as my co-tent-inhabitant packed away its innards. It was a fairly long process, but I was wearing my walking shoes, the Glastonbury mud, now a distant memory, and feeling limber.

This proved to be a useful thing to be feeling as the next couple of hours were spent lugging a huge tent and a lot of camping stuff back to the car, across the whole width of the Glastonbury site and then a fair way outside of the site to the car itself. My companion gave up the fight a bit, a couple of car-parking fields away from the car, so I went on ahead to deliver a rucksack and scope how much further to go. This enabled me to encourage my companion with real data when I returned, as well as allowing me to take more of the remaining load in my second visit to the car from the stopping point.

I felt great. Full of energy, healthy, not like last year where I was exhausted, in pain from the wellies and generally miserable.

In fact, when the big rucksack came off and went in the boot and I walked back to the drop off point, I felt like a big hand was shoving me forwards. This was actually my body compensating for a very heavy rucksack no longer weighing me down.

Returning to the main site we got a very unhealthy lunch and then watched various gigs. Along the way we saw Marcus Brigstocke who was stunning, and Tony Benn, who as also great. Neil Diamond gave an ok performance, though I'd have to say that Mark Ronson was one of the gigs of the weekend for me. Even Lily Allen didn't annoy me.

Mitch Benn, playing in the Cabaret Tent was inspiring and I bought his CD. Then it was off to watch Suzanne Vega - mnyeh. Then The Verve, who were too rock and roll for talk.

Going back to the car was a fair old hike, and the traffic out of the site was not moving too quickly. All in, I didn't get home until way after 4. Not good for a school night. It was the traffic's fault.

I set out to do Glastonbury this year because I thought it would be unmissable. I don't think it was unmissable. If you average out this year and last, you end up better off, though. Though there were some musical performances this year that were excellent, nothing was completely off the map... but the weather and the mobility around the site were very good indeed. This makes my last Glastonbury memory a positive one.


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