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Sunday, June 22

Voila, Le Conversation Dans Le Parc

The idea of taking my laptop to the park with a picnic seemed like a good one. With the sun shining brightly and making my screen almost impossible to use, I may have to concede that nature and technology still don't mix as I might have hoped. I can see what I'm doing fo now, so I'll continue, the bizarre bruise on my forearm that I don't remember achieving, can rest off the keyboard enough for me to remain comfortable.

Various things have happened so far today. I woke up early enough to call it mid-morning. This doesn't mean I got into action around that time. Quite the opposite. I lay in bed for some time. I watched Scrapheap challenge, which is bloody addictive - especially when they show episodes back to back. I received a text telling me that tonight's gig is cancelled. This is why, when I might otherwise have been having my pre-gig shower and getting ready to go out, I'm in the open air with a laptop, a full belly and a sense of well-being. Eventually, I dragged myself out of the bed and made some breakfast of smoothie and toast - not all in the same vessel.

Ironing, which I'd valiantly started the previous day, remained to be done and I did it with the accompaniment of further scrapheap challenge.

Then, I decided to get out of the house, into the open air and get some exercise. I have a few things I need to buy before I got to Glastonbury next weekend. I would go on the search for these items. 3 and a half miles to Asda on my bike was followed by 4 miles into town where I continued shopping, punctuated by a trip to Starbucks where I marvelled at how beautiful the girl opposite was, as she spoke animatedly and either didn't notice me noticing her, or didn't mind.

Live update: a man just came over to my bench and asked me to adjust the date on his mobile phone. I did it, wondering if I'd just gotten me my own nutter for the day. He then thanked me and went away. Job done. I made an old man happy and I didn't even get wet.

As I sat in the Starbucks, I felt a general sense of wellbeing. I asked myself the question. Am I happy. Against my better judgement, I decided that I was. Today I am happy. There are many reasons I could give you for why I should be bloomin' miserable, but I'm not. It's simple. I think we're all basically seasonal creatures, and if you add good weather to pretty girls dressing down, and a day where those things which might be urgent somehow don't seem urgent... well, happiness can occur.

I managed to battle through the disinterested staff in the sports shop - I know, it's not really my sort of place and they regarded me with suspicion and mocked my extra-large size demands - and buy some socks and a zippy hoodie toppy thing. I know I had one of these, but it seems to have disappeared, so I have a new one. In fact, I had a couple. I wonder where zippy hoodie tops go.

Then I cycled home, packed some pitta breads with a mix of tuna, sweetcorn relish, tomato and low-cal salad cream, grabbed an apple and came to sit in this park. This weekend has been unusual in that it's been my first weekend in what seems like forever where I've had no gigs and have spent all my time in Reading. I might even be warming to the place a little.

And maybe this is part of why I'm in the happy zone. I live my life in a very transient way. Everything feels rather temporary. There's little in the way of maintenance, and lots in the way of development. As a result, maybe I feel a bit without a base. In truth, I have a home (I have two, I suppose). A weekend of doing the laundry and staying in the house, and shopping for supplies, and being only biking distance away from my base, all makes a big difference to me. I have lungs full of cleaner air - slightly impeded by my nose, which may be showing signs of hayfever (don't take viagra for hayfever, you'll just sneeze harder). I'm kind of me without an agenda for a bit.

Of course, for all the flipsy flopsy nothing to do carefree behaviour I'm displaying here, there is a list of things I should be doing right now:
  • Clean the house
  • Write the article
  • Update the other article
  • Write up the comedy material for Tuesday night's gig
  • Make the backing track for the song
  • Continue to exercise - weight needs to drop off
  • Undercoat loads in the house
  • Think about shelves
  • Sort out the trip that's happening in two weekends' time
  • Gather the necessary things for Glastonbury next weekend

All of this will happen in good time, I think. For now, let me enjoy the breeze.


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