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Monday, July 14

Let It Never Be Said

It's late and I've titled this post after the opening line of a Kaiser Chiefs song. A great song with the line "There's nothing at all 'cept the space in between finding out what you're called and repeating your name". One of the most applicable lines I've ever heard about love, at least from my own experience.

Today I told someone I loved them. Perhaps they got scared. I'm not surprised. It was the man from Orange.

Me: I want as many minutes as possible, loads of texts and unlimited internet on the phone.
Him: Ok. Well your talk plan needn't be upgraded, I just need to move it over to the latest version of the same plan.
Me: How much?
Him: It costs the same, but then we give you a ten pound discount and you won't be needing your £4 internet package.
Me: So you're charging me £14 less and giving me everything I want and more?
Him: Yes. Shall I go ahead with that?
Me: I think I love you.
Him: Er. Thank you sir.

Brilliant. A good lesson for me, too. The call started a little badly and he had a bit of an Indian accent, which put me a little into "oh dear, it's a call centre man working from a script" mode. He then had to check to see what my existing plan involved. I thought he knew nothing. The result - perfection and reduction in cost. Hell, the planet may be slowly doomed and the credit crunch may be ruining lots of hard working people, but I get to use my phone, so I'm happy. Hmmm.

I left work after conducting a job interview and then jumped onto my bike for the evening. I cycled the most ludicrous route I could think of to Tesco - this involved going in the direction of Asda, detouring around Morrisons and then going past my favourite guitar shop. The purpose was to clock up some miles on the old legs. I clocked up just over 10 miles before I got home. Job done.

While in Tesco I bought various supplies, clothing and some shower gel. Back in September I'd had an awful trip to this very supermarket and bought exactly the same shower gel, tormenting myself owing to some bizarre inner struggle that I could probably explain now, but it would be boring. However, a freak of circumstance meant that I actually ended up choosing a shower gel I really like, which I bought tonight as a nice liquid to use for self-washing.


I went home, regained my breath and spent the night ironing. Then I restrung two guitars - my gigging guitar, which I also cleaned, and my new mini-guitar, which I thought might like some better strings on it.

Now I'm sitting in a towel, cleaned and smelling nice. I even did a little washing of my shower room on the way towards using it. Things that have been bothering me to look at are now looking good.

I'm in good spirits today.


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