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Monday, March 5

So Many Things That I Could Have Done Earlier

I am probably a procrastinator. I think, in fact, that I'm definitely one. Why? I'll tell you later.

Oh, the hilarity!

Sometimes things get put off for good reasons, and sometimes it's a case of not having the momentum to get the job done regardless. Sometimes you just need to find an extra 5% and the job is done, whatever that job happens to be.

I was at my parents' house today and they had a couple of bits of technology which they weren't using, really for the want of only a few minutes' information sharing or setting up. I showed them the things they needed to know and now they're all the more closer to getting the benefit of the item that they bought and paid for, or were given.

One of the tasks I had to do for my Dad involved exporting some contacts out of one format and into Google. Now, I've been meaning to find a way to get my email from my old Microsoft Outlook format into the Google system for ages. I had been blocked from doing this by the resistance my computer was giving to making Outlook work for me, and I'd given up after only an hour or so's playing. The technique I was about to use for my father's contacts suddenly leapt out as the answer to my old email issue.

So now I'm in the process of exporting about 8 years' worth of emails from a big file on my computer into the cloud. I'll be able to search these emails (I'll probably never read them) and will have a historic record that goes back further than last April, which is when I surrendered to Googlemail in the cloud and immediately wished I hadn't put that off as long as I did.

The problem with playing catch-up is that you end up being late and having missed the benefits. It's a bit like getting to a party at 11pm. You're under more pressure to get in there than the people who showed up on time.

I'm not an early adopter, and I never do a job if I think it can wait. Clearly, though, I should sometimes just push on through, rather than find myself dragging things about late at night when really I should be doing something else... like sleeping.

Bah! I can sleep later.


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