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Monday, July 24

Friday Fun

The weekend went well. I had been thinking of it as the calm before the storm that I expect to be gripping my life in the next couple of months. Thing is, though, I still don't feel like I am anywhere near a tempest. Time will tell.

Anyway, this weekend had it all. Gig. Diy. Movies. Sleep. All that I might have added would have been a barbecue, but you can't have everything.

Leaving work on Friday, I celebrated the end of the airshow. No longer would I have to set off early and still expect huge delays. . . Well, until next year at least. I stopped off at my rented accommodation, and filled my car with more of my stuff. Overall, I'm virtually moved out, but I need to be totally moved out to get my deposit back. I reckon it won't be much work.

The complement to moving my stuff yet again is that I'm getting to do another small scale life laundry. I gave away a lot of clothes when I moved out of Newcastle. Since then, I have bought more clothes and lost some weight. I also have less hanging space than can accommodate everything, so it's time to get rid. That's sort of fun, though a part of me is still a relentless hoarder.

Those guinea pigs needed more of my DIY time on Friday and I worked quickly and efficiently to complete the Berlin wall style division in their run and overhead hutch with ramps. I impressed my girlfriend and myself by modifying an old pair of jeans, used for DIY, to make them into trendy crop trousers. I simply snipped off the bottoms of the legs. Haute Couture here I come.

Once the woodwork was complete, it was possible for both guinea pigs to occupy it without any chance of them actually tearing into each other's flesh. The big white one - responsible for my poorly thumb - had already been living in the hutch and had mastered the ramp. The small black one had remained in the house. So, we had to go through the process of teaching him how to use the ramp. This involved basically chasing him and cajoling him up and down the ramp a couple of times until he realised that it was something he could do. I'm sure that he would have worked it out anyway, but a bit of "tough love" seemed to get the job done quicker.

Now complete, both of the creatures make short work of getting about their new home and it has been moved to a more permanent position at the back of the garden. I'm quite proud of it. We're even considering getting another guinea pig to join the gang, though it would be horrendous if this one also turned out to be territorial... then we'd have to make another divide.

At some point we took a trip to the pet store and bought various supplies including some corn-on-the-cob for rodents. It's like normal corn on the cob, but it has been sundried. They seem to like it and it looks delicious. I'm a sucker for corn at the moment, consuming much in the way of both the pop-corn and the cobbed variety.

That was Friday's fun.


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