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Wednesday, December 20

It's The Season

To bait the Christians!

From: Ashley Frieze
Subject: Remove Commercialism From Christmas

Dear Mr and Mrs Giroux,

I have been looking at your website and I would have to applaud your sentiment to say Merry Christmas to people. That's the whole meaning of the season, isn't it? to celebrate The Christ Child's birth. It's not about political correctness, so-called cultural diversity or petty commercialism.

In my place of work, I have insisted that everyone wish each other a Merry Christmas, none of this "Seasons Greetings" or "Happy Holidays". It's about Christ. The guy across the desk from me, Dharmander, had never wished anyone Merry Christmas before - he'd not been allowed to - imagine that! So, I got him to send a Christmas card to our boss, Mr Schwartz. It was a proper card, too, which I made using a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which I photocopied from my bible. Mr Schwartz was delighted and wished Dharmander a Merry Christmas back. Even though these two men follow the way of Satan with their false gods and false religions, they were able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

So, I wanted to tell you that I agree with your idea in principle. Unfortunately, I'm writing to you to express my concerns about the way you are going about spreading the word. As I said at the start of this letter, Christmas is about the birth of the Christ Child and not petty commercialism. You appear to be using your legitimate campaign message to spread some sort of evil commercialism of your own. You're selling wristbands, Christmas cards and baubles. What's a bauble got to do with Christmas? Did the baby Jesus get delivered in a bauble? No. It was a stable. Yet you're selling your baubles, with the name of your website on them, rather than a Christmas message of hope and spiritual joy. Your wristbands are exactly the same sort of wristband that rock bands sell at their evil concerts. You're not even putting a spirital message on them. Just the hollow catchphrase "Just Say Merry Christmas". This looks like commercialism to me. I am frightened that you are cheapening this time of year with your desire to make money.

However, I was appalled, disgusted and nearly moved to tears of anguish when I saw your Christmas cards. You want to charge $12 for cards. Cards are not what Christmas is about. Worse than that, though, you're selling a card range called "Christmas Children". Have you not considered what your so-called "photography" might do for a pedophile? Look on the picture. It shows a naked baby. Not only would you be profiting from this time of year, which is a time of giving, not profiteering, but you'll be making money from pedophiles. Evil men leering over your photograph of a naked baby is not in the true spirit of the season and I fear for your souls.

Did our Lord not despair of the money lenders abusing the temple? Did he not say "blessed are the meek"? Well, what's so meek about you selling a cheap range of tacky Christmas goods under the thin guise of trying to promote Christmas? I think you're trying to promote your own ends and I would like to ask you in the name of God The Father, Jesus The Son, and the Holy Spirit to stop this immediately, before you condemn yours and all your co-workers' souls to the eternal fires of hell!

Again, I'd like to commend you on a good idea, but maybe in future you could make it a non-profit charitable organisation which doesn't sell anything. Maybe you could put your message in downloadable form so people could print it out for their offices. I know a lot of people who will use their office equipment and time to promote the word of our Lord. I for one have made a life-sized replica of our Lord on the Holy Cross, from an image I downloaded off the internet. It stands proudly outside the office of my boss, Mr Schwartz to show how our Lord died for our sins, and how the descendents of Judas are not entirely to be trusted.

I hope you will stop the evil part of your campaign right away.

Merry Christmas to you and your kin.

Ashley Frieze


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