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Tuesday, December 12

Life Continues

It amazes me how time seems to be able to fly, whether I'm doing stuff with it or not. With few gigs planned for the next few months, I'm generally concerned about whether I'll have a comedy thing to do by this time next year. The sorting out of the house that I'm buying will have to come first, but I don't like festering at home, so we'll have to see whether some sort of compromise can be reached - one where I feel like I'm out and doing things, but am actually in and doing other things. We'll see.

Perhaps comedy writing will be a key to this. I could use the time that I'm not gigging to both do what I have to do around the home, but also devote more time to writing. The general consensus at my last gig - a straight stand-up gig - was that my material was lesser than my delivery. Having seen (and not heard) a video of some of that performance, I'd have to say that my performance looked pretty OTT - the difference between "Hey, this is funny" and "Please find this funny". Time spent writing might improve this. I'm currently about 2/3rds through the first episode of something new that I want to write. The problem I have is that I haven't planned where it's going and, thus, have no idea how to do that elusive final third. Some time spent focusing on writing may improve this.

Also on the subject of writing, I've been chasing up some invoicing for some writing I did earlier in the year. Just my luck: the one time I get a reply to an invoicing email, I've made a mistake in the invoices, apparently issuing duplicate invoices, when I meant to issue two distinct ones. Hopefully the lion's share of this will be sorted out in the near future. My tax return for this financial year is going to be fun!

Last night included a shopping trip where we bought nothing, except a smoothie, which doesn't really count, and parking, which was cheap. We saw the Wii - Nintendo's new games system. For some reason, I think this is pretty cool. I think it's probably the motion driven controllers. I like the idea of video game that you interact using big physical moves. I think that this game will probably find itself in deep trouble in about March of next year, once the litigious Americans wake up to it. Here's what's going to happen. Some unhealthy American kid is going to play for 6 hours non stop, pull a couple of muscles, have an asthma attack and then get their parents to sue Nintendo for causing them these injuries and suffering. Then the fat American judge is going to conclude that the warning on the system - that you should take breaks and look after your body - is not adequate and that the game should have forced a rest break on you or something. Then the Americans will outlaw all forms of exercise and make the eating of 2 pound burgers compulsory for all children under 7 unless they can get a doctor's note proving that they're vegetarian or already substantially overweight.

I'm not sure about the second part, but I bet there has been litigation regarding injuries sustained with Wii by next March. Let's see...

Also in last night's agenda was some writing in front of the TV, followed by the surrender of my laptop while I watched the rest of Sin City, a movie we saw in the cinema in June 2005. When I last wrote about seeing it, I wrote virtually nothing. This was probably because I was in blog-catch-up mode. I mentioned that it was very memorable. It was certainly that. I think that the distinctive visual style of the movie was part of its allure for me. There was an intentional emulation of the distinctive look of the original comic strip, and at the time I remember seeing pages like this which shows just how similar.

So, although nothing much happened between leaving work and returning to work, there's always something to say.


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