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Wednesday, January 3

Get Packing

I zonked out completely last night. I've got the seasonal lurghi and I really had no energy at all from the moment I arrived back at home at around 5pm. Before I eventually collapsed, though, there was time to go into town to post some CVs around for my girlfriend - hoping to grab a job sometime soon. There was time for a wee Starbucks coffee - there's always time for that. There was time for food and a trip to Tesco. There was even time to deal with the blockage in the bath which is now running more freely than free love at Glastonbury.

On top of that, there was even time made for putting things in boxes to the background accompaniment of the movie Working Girl - surely the movie with the largest amount of hair ever seen outside of a rock concert.

I made my way though the various piles of paper which have beseiged my life over the last few months and put them into manageable folders. This doesn't solve the paper issue, but it puts it out of mind and out of sight. Some of the paper will come with to the next house and some will remain in state, stored at the current place until a paper heaven can be found for it in the house after next. It's all very complicated really.

Basically, we're planning to move and there should be a massive amount of effort put into packing and sorting, or we'll constantly be reshuffling things or searching for things when we arrive. I failed to help with this mission properly, as I was too exhausted, and, thus, sleeping by 11. Clattering around me meant that the efforts were continuing during my slumber, which served to give me bad dreams and occasionally wake me up. However, I can't complain, as it was in my interests for this stuff to get done.

As a consequence of the relatively (for me, at least) early night, I awoke before the alarm clock this morning. That's the second out of two working days that I've been able to get to the office before 9. People are already suspecting that I've made some sort of New Year's Resolution to come in early, which I haven't!

I think I'm feeling the stress at the moment. The people who are selling the house I'm buying want to exchange contracts today. Given that the solicitor involved only returns to work today, this is pretty serious and tricky to organise. My plan was to do the exchange and completion of the sale in two or three days' time - i.e. as early as possible. This would give the seller the most time with all of the mone and would simplify things (at least in my head it would). Apparently, they want some sign of faith that they're not being messed about. If they pull out, I will have wasted a lot of money, so I suppose I'd better appease them, though to be honest, they're not being especially amenable to anything - it's probably their lack of amenability which has resulted in the house being poorly maintained for the last 10 years or so! I shall do a better job than they did.

I shall probably watch a lot of money go through my fingers in the next few months as well. D'oh! I was just getting used to having a bank balance that I couldn't quite read properly... with magic extra money appearing each month.


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