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Tuesday, July 1

Of course it couldn't last... with only four shows left to document, the diary went back on ice. In fairness to myself, yesterday was the mother of all days and I really didn't have any time available to work on finishing the fringe diary. I am hopeful of finding a few spare moments in the near future.

Let's review yesterday's main attributes:
  • I had a half day at work

  • I bought my road tax, costing me precious time and money - the lunchtime post-office queue was bad enough - the disinterested clerk perhaps one of the multitude of reasons why the queue wasn't moving. I understand it's probably boring working in a post office. However, it's probably more boring queuing in one - if you work as a clerk, at least you've something to do during the lunchtime crush... just an observation!

  • I got weighed... I haven't been weighing myself much recently. I think I was also reluctant to report my +3 increase in weight on 18th June, taking me to a slightly clumsy -53. However, yesterday I discovered a -6, taking me to my best so far of -59. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this off. The absence of hopping around a stage may have an effect on my waistline, so don't hold your breath... I may have to in order to keep my belt in its current hole.

  • I then drove to Manchester for (among other reasons) my evening gig. The shocking rain and terrible traffic did nothing for my blood pressure. Luckily I was accompanied by Whistle Down The Wind - a show with some great music and some easy to criticise cheesy lyrics - Jim Steinman should be ashamed of some of them. Some of the lyrics are very good, so he breaks even... just!

  • Finally, just as I thought the journey was going to be a total dead loss, I saw the 25 (car number plate) that it took to get me back in the game of CNPS finally! I've got myself up to 27 now. I'm lagging badly behind Steve, though!

  • The gig went ok. I'm yet to review the tape - I had a hard task to work that audience, but I launched into it with a vengeance!
  • After too much diet coke and too many miles on the road, I got to my bed very late and I've got a worryingly short number of hours until the next gig. I plan to try out some new material - I plan to write and rehearse it first... this should be interesting.

And so that was yesterday. Quite a day all in all. Sadly, I'm missing My Fair Lady terribly. I have an action packed week ahead, but even then there seems to be something (someone?) missing. I hope the grieving process doesn't last too long.


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