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Monday, March 29

Another rollercoaster of a weekend. This weekend is also going to be mental, but I have some relative sanity on the horizon, so I should probably enjoy the messing around while it lasts.

On Friday, I worked until 7pm and then hopped into the car and drove to Hexham. I performed a gig there and then hot-footed it to North Berwick where I saw the tail end of the gig that was going on there. I'd been asked to go and perform as the last act, since the act who was booked had dropped out of radio contact. I was curious to see whether I'd have been able to make it in time. Luckily for me, I wasn't required to perform - the act got back in touch and I arrived just in time to watch him.

After the gig, I went to Edinburgh where I stayed the night. The following morning required some walking around Edinburgh, checking out venues, followed by an afternoon of songwriting and jamming. Saturday was quite a relaxed day. On Saturday evening, I went to The Stand to watch some comedy. I knew one of the acts and I'd met the MC twice before - he still recognised me on the front row and gave me something of a diplomatic immunity against being picekd on. What a lovely man.

Saturday night, I drove back to Newcastle, exhausted and ready for the bed I eventually arrived in at stupid o'clock. The clocks moving into British Summer Time didn't really help my cause. However, I managed to get some nice sleep and woke up at "whatever o'clock" on Sunday, ready for the remainder of the day. A bit of housework and my life is back into a vague semblance of order... an order I'll be shattering over the next few days. I have gigs every night between now and Sunday, with the exception of tomorrow night. This involves a lot of travelling. My favourite night will be Thursday - I go to Scotland after work on Thursday, do a gig, sleep over, get the 8am train back to Newcastle, do a day's work and drive back to Scotland. Fannytastic!

Last night I did a gig in Sunderland. Not every joke worked perfectly, but I really enjoyed the gig, not least because of the attitude I had before I went on. I've been known to forget the mood to be in to go on and do my act. It's such a simple thing - if I go on with plenty of energy and look like I want to have fun (which I do), an audience can respond quite positively. Simple. Effective. Fun!

I have just had my hair cut, which is sensible, since it was raging out of all proportions and threatening to form its own independent state. Actually, it was just making me look a bit shaggy.

What else is news? Well, I still have to call the Edinburgh venue... and find accommodations... and a whole heap of things I'm completely ignoring for a few more hours.

I also need to stop eating rubbish and get some exercise.

I bought a new alarm clock - a travel alarm clock. I'm hoping that its wee piercing beep will somehow reach me during my coma-like sleep. I could get more done if I slept in less.

My self-sanity rating today is 8/10. Not bad.


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