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Tuesday, September 7

For the majority of last month, I had an eating and exercise schedule which counterbalanced each other rather well. I had a modest and enjoyable walk between the flat and town, usually with some sort of load on my back. There was much in the way of fried breakfast and there were rare occasions when scottish deep-fried food didn't find its way into me on the way home. This is, of course, very naughty. I was redeemed from gaining too much weight by the quantity of walking within Edinburgh I did, and the energy I needed to expend to perform.

Now I'm back home, things are noticeably different. I'm pleased to say that I've not eaten anything fried since I returned from the festival... oh, unless you count the deep pan pizza I had the other night. I'm also trying to teach myself to eat healthily again. This is not working. I have consumed a vast quantity of fruit. This, coupled with my already fragile digestion from a month's abuse of my system, is having nothing short of a confusing effect on my body - I'm sure I'll appreciate it in the long run.

I have to learn to avoid many high-fat foods again. It's been a good 18 months since I was really totally in control in that respect. The problem comes from the way that I eat. A lot of the eating I do appears to be in the car - at least when I'm gigging, it is. Taking a rest stop at a motorway service station and looking for something to stop my stomach arguing and to provide me with the instant energy hit I'll need to wake me up for the journey... well, it's the shite which seems to make the most sense - not that motorway service stations provide the healthy option as a rule anyway.

Hopefully, I'll find some sort of way to cram in some exercise. For the next week, at least, all the spare time I have should really be devoted to sleeping. This coming weekend is likely to be totally crazy. I don't know how it'll work, but I'm going to be in Manchester, Newcastle, Glenrothes, Newcastle, Warwick, Peebles and Newcastle again between 4pm on Friday and whatever time I get to bed on Sunday night. That's a lot of driving!


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