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Monday, June 12

A Weekend of Virtually Bugger All

If I could list my achievements this weekend, then I would be a better creative writer than I am. I've done very very little this weekend. I have relaxed and rested, avoided the heat, eaten and... well virtually nothing. I've been present for moral support for the girlfriend, as she comes to the last straight on her course. This is not fun for her, and we'll all be glad when it's over. However, the occasional bit of help here and there doesn't explain how the time for the weekend passed. Here are the three top things that I did, which I might remember the weekend for had it been memorable:
  • Reading
  • Watching football
  • Going to a music shop
In typical Ashley-fashley-fashion, I shall write a little on each of these, and then we can call it a day (well two days). Right?

Every so often I rediscover reading. I'm back in a reading mood at the moment. I whipped through a Dean Koontz book (Frankenstein Book One) which I think I finished on Friday night. Then I whipped through Bob Monkhouse's autobiography - "Crying With Laughter".

This is the second time in the space of just over a week that I've read a book by someone who has been involved with showbiz in some way. Where "Laughing Matters" (Steve Jacobi) was by someone who interviewed the real stars and had a go himself, "Crying With Laughter" was by someone who had really "been there" and "done that". From blagging his way into showbusiness to working his way through countless years of doing it, Bob's self-portrait gave me additional respect for the man.

Note to self: autobiographies almost always make you look good. Write one.

Watching Football
I don't make a point of watching football most of the time. It holds only minor interest for me, and I cannot be bothered with learning enough about a single team to follow it.

However, world-class football is always worth watching. I sort of care whether England does well, though I'd be disappointed if England were to win the World Cup. We're a nation of losers and our national identity would not recover if we actually won an international competition.

I saw about three matches this weekend. I didn't impress anyone when I called the referee of the England game a "knob head", but he was.

The Music Shop
Back in March 2005, Saturday March 19th to be precise, I went to a guitar shop which really impressed me. It was immense, full of guitars and just lovely. Given that it was in Glasgow, I didn't think I'd be impressed again that often (perhaps I'll drop back there if I'm ever staying a weekend in the place). I've been to several music shops since, bought various bits of kit, looked at items on the internet and generally felt like I couldn't be impressed again.

Then I went to Dawson's music in Reading. Oh. My. God!

The shop is huge. It has guitars, keyboards, PA equipment, computer equipment, classical instruments, books... it's a musician's heaven. The visual effect of seeing walls covered in hanging guitars is astounding. I think that a guitar is crafted to look like a symbol of power. Seeing hundreds on display in one space is quite something.

All I wanted was some strings, but I was in the shop a full half hour, and came out with some extra gadget or other that might make my gigging life a bit easier.

Final note
Watching live music on TV last night, I noticed that lots of people are playing Telecasters. Perhaps my Telecoustic is going to make me look like I'm "down with the kids".


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