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Monday, September 4

Another Wacky Week

Still not quite sure about what's truly on the mid term agenda at work. Even short term we're pretty much guessing. Today I slowly and steadily worked on getting some code ported across from one environment to another. If nothing else, the conversion process is teaching me how to think in both environments interchangeably. I'm getting there slowly however.

The weekend was much more fun, and I managed to shake off the misery which had been creeping upon me. I think I partly achieved this with the gift of sleep. Saturday happened more for me after lunchtime than before. There had been some buying of clothes around the early part of the weekend, but its key feature for me was probably the gig I did on Saturday night in East London somewhere.

In many ways the gig on Saturday should not have worked. The room was too big with a high ceiling, there were far too many acts on the bill, many of whom were fairly inexperienced, and the compere was an odd character/drag act. All of these were my first impressions as I watched the gig waiting to close it. Only I didn't just watch it. I enjoyed it. The audience were plentiful and up for it. The acts were fun, and when it didn't quite work, it was still interesting.

There was one act that stood out as appalling, but they'll probably rewrite themselves or disappear. This act was so bad, they'd even made the late stages of a fringe comedy competition. . . My theory is that the egregious sometimes is as rewarded as the excellent. It's a good theory as it uses the word egregious.

I've listened to the recording of the set I did. On the whole I am happy. The audience were tired out when I reached them, but I perked them up, and the order of the set pieces seem to make the set easy to pace. I still messed up a bit when I started racing through a couple of bits, but I stayed on top of things and managed to improvise my way in an out of danger. I think I'm getting better at keeping my persona up when I go loose and relaxed between set pieces, and I think I'm changing gear into set pieces a little more smoothly. I had a lot of fun at the gig.

Challenges for this week include sorting my life out. Today I sorted out some postal and financial things. Tomorrow I get yellow fever.


Blogger Steve said...

Wow. No idea on your mid-term plans and pretty much guessing on the short term stuff.
At least you have the advantage of experience over your colleagues :-)

6:43 AM  

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