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Wednesday, October 4

Getting In The Saddle

I suppose that the title for this post might more naturally be 'back in the saddle', but that would suggest that I've somehow returned to the comfort of a previous way of life. While I'm still living where I was a month ago, and still driving the same car to the same office, and then on to random gigs to tell the same sort of jokes, things are different. Mainly different good.

Work is on the up, though we're still in a more information gathering frame of mind than actually racing along making things. I yearn for a day lost to coding with my headphones on. The time will come.

The gig diary is also fairly busy. I did a gig on Monday and have one both tonight and Thursday. This is good, though I have really to get into the swing of it again for it to feel like more of a vocation and less of an effort. Once I'm more firmly in the saddle to which I've alluded, I'm sure that will be the case.

If the bathroom scales are to be believed, my weight situation is at almost record levels of happiness. I couldn't think of an adjective which suggested that it was low while also suggesting that this was a good thing. Though 'greatness' is the sentiment, it has a double meaning when it comes to body mass. I suspect that the stomach bug has helped purge me of the many hearty meals of the holiday, and I'm using the return to work after a break, which has undoubtedly tempered my bad habit compulsions, to try to avoid picking up too many bad habits again.

Financially too, things are looking under control, with the equity on my house remortgage making its presence felt in my bank balance. I've opened a savings account and I'm now looking at other ways of making this money do good things for me while I still have it. It won't be in cash forever as it is already earmarked for house buying.

It is the house buying which is proving to be the new addition to my life which is bound to take over and cause much organising to be done. It appears that the plan is to buy a house for letting out. Assuming it needs some quantity of renovation, we propose to live in it for a few months while this is going on to at least get something from the investment. Then rent it out and move on to the next place. If only there were more money we could do this a few times. . . But there isn't. The property empire opportunity is limited. I get to optimise the numbers, though.

So, there is to be plenty of house and mortgage hunting for the next few weeks. If all goes to plan it could be a brief process. It's bound to get hairy somehow.

Life doesn't stay in the same place. You can't rely on your comfort zone forever. If you recognise this and try to buck the trend and try something new, then there's a lot to be gained. I'm looking forward to the next 12 months.


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