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Tuesday, January 9

More Freecycling Fun

Again, I'd like to express that I think that Freecycle is a good idea. It's a means by which you acknowledge that you have stuff you don't want and that it might have value to someone else. Rather than attempt to extract that value in terms of cash, you simply give your stuff away. Simple as that. Maybe if you want something, you choose something from what's on offer on the mailing list. But there's no quid pro quo. It's recycling, it's free and it's about sharing with strangers. I like the idea.

However, it amuses me to see what people write on their Freecycle adverts. What does it say about the person? What are people Freecycling?

Here's one which caught my eye today:

3.Boxes and boxes of journals / periodicals.
Off the top of my head - vegetarian magazine, various environmental / green magazines eg Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace. Good for research, schools etc. Various cookkery magazines, may have some recipes torn out. Health and Fitness Magazines. PLease ask for the ones you want. Available Weekend.

Any requests for 'everything' will be assumed to be from people who are not using Freecycle in the spirit is was designed and are probably carbooters. They will be deleted accordingly without reply.

A bit of tough love here. If you ask for everything that this person has to offer - I'll not include the items in 1 and 2, so as not to make you greedy, then they will immediately assume the worst - you're an evil capitalist carbooter (I assume that's someone who sells random shit at car boot sales, and not someone who puts people into the boots of cars, or makes boots for cars, or kicks cars...). Bad evil person: your email will be deleted.

However, on top of the tough love, there's also an easy glimpse into the sort of hippy recyclingy friend of nature type of person who is using Freecycle. A bunch of vegetarian interest magazines and a green magazines - you can almost smell the hummous and lentils from here. I've no idea what "cookkery" is, but I bet it's not something they teach at schools during "spelllingg".

Ah, looking at people's lives and making arbitrary and superficial judgements. It's what Tuesdays are all about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what did you mean by 'really?'

Is turkey jerky really a product?


Is this the level you've sunk to? Really?

I do value your opinion and I won't take the hump if it's the latter.

Sorry to other readers, this is not relevant to ashley's post.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Back on topic..... :-) .... how are you supposed to state exactly what you want from a random brain dump of the stuff that may or may not be there?

7:24 AM  

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