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Wednesday, January 31


Not everything in life has a snooze button like my alarm clock. In some ways, it would be pretty cool if things did. Maybe you're driving on the motorway, the traffic's getting stressful and you're worried about getting to your destination on time. It would be great if there were a massive snooze button on your dashboard, that you could use to pause everything for 10 minutes (well, 9 minutes) just to get a break from it, before getting back to the rush. No? Just me on that one? Fair enough.

So, there's no stopping the inevitability of the costs and the urgency of the completion of the house work. That's the work on the house, rather than generic "housework". In fairness to me, I did do some vacuuming last night, but it was a bit like someone mopping the deck on the sinking Titanic. I also did some sweeping.

My aim for last night was to put the house in general order and then get on with some tile removal in the bathroom. I think I know how the bathroom is going to be done and I think that I'll have quite a few tasks to achieve myself in order to get it to completion. So, no time to hang around. I didn't really achieve that much last night, but the tidy round will prove its usefulness. I included my car and the putting out of the rubbish, which was collected this morning, which is handy. I even did some recycling - I'm so green!

As a result of last night's activities, my car now feels like a passenger vehicle again, and is less of the rubbish bin. I also have ease of movement round the second room I sort of live in. One of the walls - the smallest (about the width of a door and a half) - in the bathroom is now devoid of tiles (and I have the slight cut in the finger to prove that I was handling tiles). My nose and lungs are also filled with disgusting plaster dust, which will be a real problem to come, since I am, apparently, taking the walls back down to the brickwork in readiness for the man who comes and sorts out the big hole where the bathroom used to be.

Surprisingly, although I managed to take a backup of my old computer, I didn't get around to even unboxing my new computer last night. I was too tired. I went to sleep, perchance to dream.

I dreamt, apparently, that it was the weekend. Thus I was extremely surprised when the alarm went off. I snoozed it immediately, and wondered why I would have set it to go off when I had a weekend morning in which to lie in. Then my mobile phone alarm went off. I was cross with this too, since it's programmed to go off on weekday mornings only. Why would it malfunction in this way and go off on a weekend morning? Slowly, the question filtered through to my sleep-addled brain. "Which exact morning is this?". I didn't remember. Then I did. It was a weekday morning. D'oh. I tried to get up, but couldn't bring myself to move. I lay there in mourning for the lost innocence. Once it was a morning of snoozing and freedom, but now it's been interrupted by the fact that I'd only wished for it to be a morning of snoozing and freedom. Work calls. Workmen call. In this case, the workman has a key to the house and is shouting a morning hello.

I got up (there's nothing like a stranger in your house to make you feel like not being found in bed). I shouted down a hello to the workman. Nice guy. I then unpacked my new computer while getting dressed. It seems nice. The sound's a bit tinny - the speakers on my soon-to-be-ex-laptop were delightfully throaty, I'll miss them. I got my new machine working on the internet and then stopped doing any more. It seems like it's probably fast enough for my purposes. It's hard to tell. I've not used it for anything yet. I don't even know what sockets it's got. I didn't bother looking. It fits into the new bag nicely enough. And that's that.

Tonight there's a visit from the heating engineer. We'll have a good look round and work out exactly what work he's going to unleash on my home. It will be about two and half weeks before he unleashes the workmen, which, all things being equal, isn't too bad. I'll have been a whole month without heating, which hasn't proved to be so bad. The irony of the situation is that I won't be able to take a shower when he's done, because I'll probably have just finished stripping the bathroom out when the heating system "goes live". D'oh!

Still, every day I'm in the house and it's not getting closer to being ready costs me about a tank's worth of petrol (rather than use money to quantify it, I'll use goods). There's no snooze button on the house, sadly. So, let the work continue!

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