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Thursday, November 4

I don't feel especially well. I think there's a stomach bug heading around the office and perhaps I've succumbed. It's either that or the cavalier way that I ignored the date on some pasta sauce that I microwaved last night. I gave it a good blast, I'm fairly sure that there's nothing in tomato and basil sauce that can bite you on the ass if it's a couple of days (well, 4) out of date. Surely that couldn't be responsible for my general disagreement with my digestive system today.

If I could choose what I'd prefer to be doing right now, it would probably be sitting in a theatre in London watching The Producers again. I'm still glowing from seeing it this weekend. It needs to be seen again. Soon. However, I have things to do instead and I'm sure this evening will be very enjoyable (comedy watching in Stockton), assuming I don't actually shit myself.

Yesterday I drove into work early and found this van in front of me:

Sunderland has gone to the dogs

It's hard to see, but the writing on the right hand door of this fan claims that it's attached to a particular trainer. If suggesting that a van is attached to a trainer were not ludicrous enough an idea already, this signwriter executes a smashing coup de grace by spelling it incorrectly - attaTched. Muppet. Still, it cheered me up in an early jaunt into the office. Aren't camera phones great!?

Last night I went to see Guys and Dolls in Darlington. It had some good points and some not so good. I think the real shame was that it was a great theatre, a good set, a friendly audience and yet they were not moved to much in the way of excitement. Perhaps that's the audience, or perhaps it was the limpness of the performance. The choreography was superb, and often well executed (in movement terms, it was one of the best amateur choruses I've seen). However, there was little power to any of the performances and the show seemed to stop short of filling the room. Some of the lead actors were really not very good at all. There were highlights and one or two numbers inspired me to want to clap. I hope that we put a hell of a lot more energy into the show when we do it in February. It's a great show. Sadly, unlike Little Shop of Horrors which is an excellent show, no matter how badly it's performed, this show needs energy.

Bizarrely, given the nature of the direction/choreography on display last night, I got to giggling to myself about the song Keep it gay from The Producers.


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