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Friday, June 16

It's a Documentary

Just as these chronicles are the documentary of my life, so The Da Vinci Code is a documentary about the church. Surely it must be!? It's all true. We went to see it on Wednesday night as part of the "thank Christ that the degree is over" celebrations. It was fun enough, but the reviews were right. It's a fairly empty experience with tons and tons of flashbacks and imparting of information, desperate to convey the sense of wonder at all the symbology that makes the book such an airport departure lounge read.

In the end, the show-not-tell necessity of film-making wasn't up to the job of making this an interesting film. With the exception of Ian McKellen's scene with "The Last Supper", most of the data in the film was just dull, or seemed less believable. It was a bit like the scene in Independence Day when they said "Hey, let's go to Area 51", thus weaving in the alien conspiracy stuff into an already overblown and unbelievable scenario.

Any film featuring Audrey Tatou is going to have its moments, and this film managed to keep our attention... just.

Working Like...
I've been working very hard this week. Coupled with two hand-in deadlines that have deprived us of sleep, it's no surprise that Friday finds me exhausted and stressed. I'm pleased to be so passionate about work that I'm prepared to stay in the office until 8pm. I'm also not pleased that I am facing some huge compromises in what I can realistically deliver. I still have the belief that any computer program can be written in a frenetic 48 hours of unbroken effort by one person.

I found out last night that I'm going to be evicted from my rented accommodation in Farnborough? The landlord isn't following fire regulations and cannot justify spending the money to achieve them. So, we're out. This news came on the same day that I arrange the valuation for my house in Newcastle, which will enable me to remortage it in such a way as will cost me much less than the current mortgage (per ounce of borrowing) and will enable me to think of buying somewhere to live in this part of the world.

However, my plan to be resident in a new place in October seems to be at odds with my forthcoming explusion from my rented rooms.

To be honest, though, I've never really lived in Farnborough. I've kept my stuff there and had mail sent there. There were a few weeks when I did my washing there and even ate a couple of meals a day in the place... but I've spent virtually every night at my girlfriend's place. It's time to face facts. I'm wasting money pretending that I live in Farnborough. I can save more to put towards the house if I stop pretending.

Life Plan
I don't have one... I haven't had any sort of plan since that day in November 2005 when I said to myself - "Hey, why don't I quit my job and move 300 miles away from Newcastle".

I have felt a series of aftershocks. I think I'm the sort of person who takes the stability of life for granted. I just set up some stable things and assume they'll always be there. I want stability, indeed I need it. However, I don't work to maintain it. So, when I jumped headlong out of a window (metaphorically) last year, I didn't stop to consider how much adjusting there would be to do.

I think I have a plan emerging. It's this:

June - Do some gigs, relax a bit.
July - Do some more gigs and prepare for Edinburgh.
August - Camden Fringe (week1) , Edinburgh Festival (week3), back to reality.
September - Holiday (middle) and househunting
October - close a deal on a house
November - Be sorted out in a new home and life a year after I ran away from the last lot.

It's possible.


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