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Wednesday, September 6

Another Weird Day

My back hurts from the awkward angle I've been sitting at. I should probably learn some posture or something. I also feel a bit hot and bothered. I think it's too cold for comfort cooling to be on, and too hot for it not to be. Shucks.

Things are getting sorted out in my life at the moment. I'm almost moved out of my Farnborough address - I still have a DVD player there and I still want to double check it for mail for a day or so more, but apart from that, I'm done. I even have received the deposite back, which is nice... unfortunately, I realised that I'd received it back long after it had joined the general "funds" that is my bank account and had been spent. Edinburgh was probably more costly than I thought it was at the time.

The holiday is also well and truly sorted out, with the paperwork coming in the next day or so. We're staying in Mombasa (I'm inoculated for this now, and even have a sterile first aid kit, lest I become injured in the presence of non-sterile medical facilities). We're going on a Safari for a couple of nights and will see the Masai Mara. It's cost a bit more than I thought it would, but what the heck. It's going to be a good break from things.

The organisation of the house in Newcastle has reached the stage where I've been to a post office and sent away the letter which the solicitors need to, hopefully, complete everything that needs completing. At some point, I would hope to receive a big fat cheque. I should probably find some sort of big fat account to keep it in. Then, I can start thinking about buying a property to store my big fat arse in.

I'm still not incredibly sold on Reading as a place to live, but I can't see it being a very long term thing, so I don't see the problem. Two years on the property ladder in Reading will probably do me no harm whatsoever.

Other organisational things include... not very much, really. I accidentally published the first draft of my Edinburgh Fringe diary from this year, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I will include reviews and star ratings, for what they're worth, of everything I saw. I think that I'll be quite tough with the ratings. 4 will be a damned good score and 5 will be damned near impossible.

In other comedy news, I took a booking today, which is nice. The promoter sounded as flustered on the phone as I normally get when I'm ringing asking for work. Good stuff. I also had a couple of emails from places intent on not offering me gigs - no particularly bad reasons, just reasons. I've also put myself down to do a rather fun sounding cabaret style show, even though I'll largely just be doing what I normally do within it. More news on that if it ever happens.

For reasons that are not interesting enough to discuss, I had a look on the website to see what's happening on Broadway. Apparently, everything is a musical there, which is nice. It's good to know that all of the shows I most recommend from that site also appear to be playing in the West End. Note to self: see more musicals.

The majority of the day has been spent playing around with data and trying to work out if there's a neat way to convert some particular data we have into a form where it looks conveniently manipulable in some other format. This is not as dull as it seems, but it's pretty close. It's also hard to fathom and has involved much downloading of many equally hard to fathom tools. The bottom line is that my head and back ache and I don't think I've achieved very much. However, I am internalising the problems, so it's possible that I might achieve something sometime. We'll see.

I also ate a huge quantity of reasonably healthy stuff today, including fruit and yoghurt.

And I drank some juice. Apparently I won't go senile. I SAID I WON'T GO SENILE DEAR!

And I wrote some lyrics to a potentially new song... well, it's clearly new, but it's potentially a song... well, it's also a song, having a tune and lyrics now, but it may not make it out of my head and onto a stage - there's potential. That's the point. It may or may not be funny. I hope it is funny. I have a rather off colour joke to set it up, and it makes some sort of point and also uses something I've wanted to work into comedy for the last few days: Stockholm Syndrome. I only want to mention it because it sounds funny and it requires a bit of knowledge from the audience to understand it... so it makes everyone feel a bit clever. Don't be patronised by the link in the above text - it's just something I've done for the sake of completeness. You don't have to click on it.


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