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Friday, October 27

eMail Order Bride

What would you reply if you got this?

Date: 14:22 27th Oct 2006
From: "Nataly Morozova"
To: Ashley Frieze
Subject: New mail for you from Nataly from Russia

I am Nataly. To talk about my personal qualities I`l try to look at
myself from aside. So I`m a feminine, charming, romantic and sweet
girl. Yet as a person I am open-minded, easy-going, kind-hearted. From
the very beginning I try to behave naturally. I dislike lie and
hypocrisy. Kindness and decency are the qualities that are very
important for me and that`s why I value them in myself. I love my
parents very much as they have given much to me and I am grateful to
I have some questions for you if you want to get to know me closer:
1/ Are you interested in serious relations with Russian woman?
2/ Are you planning to visit Russia?
3/ Would you like to correspond or to talk by phone?
4/ Why are you interested in Russian lady?
5/ Have you ever been to Russia?
6/ What is important for you in relations and am I right for you?
I will be waiting for your reply to
Hope you will tell me about yourself,
kisses from Russia,

Actually, the best thing is not to reply. So here's what I didn't send:

Dear Nataly,

Whoa there. Who the hell are you? You're a bit forward aren't you? Some might say even pushy. Straight in with the talking about yourself. Yet you claim to be easy going and feminine. I don't know how things go where you're from, lady, but round here, we expect people to at least say hello before steaming in with the whole "me me me" thing.

Anyway, since you appear to be interested in me, I'll try to answer your questions:

1/ Are you interested in serious relations with Russian woman?

2/ Are you planning to visit Russia?
Not at the minute. If I do, will you be waiting to get me? If so, that would put me off.

3/ Would you like to correspond or to talk by phone?
In general, yes, but with you, no.

4/ Why are you interested in Russian lady?
I'm not. You emailed me, remember? Are you sure you've got the hang of this email thing?

5/ Have you ever been to Russia?
No. Have you ever been to England? On reflection, don't answer that - I don't want to give you any illusion that I'd be interested in your answer.

6/ What is important for you in relations and am I right for you?
Let's skip to the end. No. You're not right for me. I doubt you even exist.

Sorry about that, but good luck with your quest to find someone who can't see through the thinly veiled guise of your spam.



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