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Tuesday, February 20

At The End Of The Day

"At the end of the day she is nothing but trouble" sing the cast of Les Miserables about one of their co-workers in a factory (which is definitely a factory and not a circus). Such was the attitude displayed towards a woman who was mooching around the parked cars at a petrol station I was at tonight on the way back from my gig. I clocked her quickly as a beggar and one who'd been in the wars. Thin, possible substance abuse, missing teeth - just asking people for change, but in a way that involved wandering between parked cars and looking in the windows. People were getting very antsy about it.

After I'd finished buying the sandwich I approached her and gave her some money, after she'd told me her made-up story about needing it. Am I generous? Possibly? Possibly gullible. Or, more likely, just trying to abate a stressful situation. In truth, I smiled at her, explained that she was making people nervous about their cars and asked that, if I gave her some money, she'd leave the forecourt - for both her own good and everyone else's. She understood, took the money, got into a car, driven by someone else, and they sped off.

Thing is, I just paid her off. Maybe that was her intention. The fact that she had someone driving her about... maybe the just go around the garages begging/harrassing. Or, maybe this was someone with a genuine case of need and no easy way to express it. Either way, the problem left my immediate sphere and I guess I can't have done her any harm by being pleasant and honest with her.

The gig was middling. The new song about Libraries was funny. The new song about Britney Spears totally left my head the moment I tried to start it (I'd only written it on arrival at the venue and I've a long history of losing songs between writing them and first performing them). I need to rehearse more! I should have a guitar in bed. Not in the biblical sense - they didn't have guitars in the bible anyway.

If I were to write today's horoscope with amazing prescience, it would be as follows (I'm writing it retrospectively, so it's right, albeit cryptically so).

Family is important today as is contact with old acquaintances. You will recognise important changes in your life and where things have moved on and where some things haven't changed at all. Confidence is something you know how to muster, but need to feel more honestly. Opportunities abound, but can you take all of them?
Oooooh. Spooky... that's so right... oooh!





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