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Wednesday, February 21

What's Keeping Me Awake?

It's definitely not the scintillation of a busy day in the office. I'm in a holding pattern until more meetings can happen to describe what I'm supposed to be doing next. As a result, I'm changing a document here, reading a document there, pondering the wheres and whys and generally keeping myself from dropping off. Yet, I feel reasonably alert. How can that be?

I remember previous years where my diary had become as full as it has been this month, and where I was up in Scotland a lot, spending late nights with a certain promoter, whose acquaintance was renewed last night. I remember being in the office and being knackered in between. Maybe it was the late night drive back from Scotland that tired me out. Maybe it was those first-thing-in-the-morning wake ups to get a train ride back to Newcastle. It always amused me that I got into work early if I was commuting from Edinburgh then 3 miles away.

I think, however, that I'm less tired now because there's better coffee in the office. They have a proper espresso machine in our office cafe, and they have some nice coffee to go in it. As a result, I get a really strong hit from the caffeinated substance and I feel more alert. Having said that, I'm pretty sure I used to OD on Costa coffee on my rail-journeys back from Edinburgh. I don't know. Maybe I'm actually exhausted and not realising it. Maybe I'm actually asleep and dreaming all of this. What a dull, uninspiring dream. I'm dreaming that I'm sitting at a desk typing. Duller than dishwater.

What if dishwater became interesting? That would be weird. There might be a series of TV programmes on it. Hell, there might even be a specialist Cable/Satellite channel for it. The dishwater channel. With programmes such as "Changing Dishwater", "Dishwater Swap" and, of course, "Top of the Slops".

I am overtired.

Still, at least I've got my Amazon order. Delivered this morning. A mixed bag of nuts.

Quick aside: caffeine, when used as an additive, is in fact the actual caffeine that's been taken out of coffee during decaffeination. So someone in one factory is holier-than-thou-ly making "healthy" decaf, while people in another factory are taking that factory and whacking it into Red Bull, or whatever. Brilliant! Recycling in action!


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