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Wednesday, April 18

Feed Me!

I read back to last year's blog from this time of the year and I was food obsessed. I'm feeling a bit fat today, so I'm getting food obsessed again. I had a healthy salad for lunch, and have snacked on some fruit and some low-calorie snack food... which maybe evades the point of trying to lose weight, where you don't necessarily snack at all. The problem is that I'm also in a state where I need to do something to keep myself perked up. I have a gig tonight to do - a compereing spot. I don't want to mess it up. I'll have to stay energetic enough to keep the show going along until the headliner comes on. Then I can relax and watch him.

So, what I really wanna do, is go out for a big fat pizza and wash it down with coke and chocolate.

I think I can avoid that.

Honestly, I think I can.

But I'm so tired, and I've gotten to the point where coffee is just clouding my mind, rather than making my body wake up.

The gig starts in just under 3 hours. I've finished with the work I'm going to get done today, home is too far to make it worth going back then only to return to almost where I started to attend the gig.

So I have to keep myself awake, not OD on coffee, not binge on calories and get ready for a gig in 3 hours' time. How?

If I were a drinker and not a driver, then I would probably end up under a table in a pub in a misguided attempt to make myself awake. Luckily, I'm not.

Now I could really use a little play with that electric cable at home which randomly appears to be live and makes your fingers tingle through gloves. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that.

Anyway, I have a plan. I'll head to Aldershot. Maybe I'll go via the big Asda in Farnborough to look for some shirts. Maybe I'll go to the big Tesco in Aldershot and look for clothes there, though I've seen Tesco's current range and I don't see the point. Maybe I'll get food at Tesco, though most probably I'll just grab a Subway.

I should, if I play my cards right, be able to listen to something funny on Radio 4. I'll just check what's on. Mmm - it sounds not very good. Maybe I won't listen. Maybe I will. I just don't know.

I'll definitely listen to the gig I did last night. It should put me in a mood - hopefully a funny one.

I'll probably also read a paper.

And not have a Kit Kat.

Bad man even to think of the chocolatey wafery goodness.

So, buy a paper and don't buy a Kit Kat. Right. I can do that. Really I can.

Oh dear.

I keep forgetting all the bad things I've eaten and remember all the good ones. In my head I've been doing well this week. Yet, in reality...

Damned weight problems.

If only I could just go home, get into bed and wait until morning. Sleeping. That would be an answer.


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