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Sunday, April 15

Things Of Note Late Sunday Night

I hate the fact that the "L" key on my new laptop's keyboard is still stuck. It's a total bitch. It started with the "minus" key going wrong. Then the "delete" key. They miraculously fixed themselves, but the "L" requires careful monitoring and hitting for it to make the letter it was put on the keyboard to produce. Damn De.. for their ineptitude.

Today has been a good day. From the point of view of the DIY it has been a bit lax, but from the point of view of getting myself all cheerful and ready for the week ahead, my biggest stress is definitely this bloody key on my keyboard.

I woke up late, convincing myself with "morning logic" that I could afford "just another 10 minutes' sleep" and that it was "too eary to get up" for about 2 hours after my alarm went off. Still, I got some work done in the kitchen. I'll write more about the whole kitchen project later on.

I was due to meet a friend before tonight's gig, so I decided to grab an early shower and go and do some shopping before the meeting up. As the gig was in Southampton and there's an outlet shopping centre in Portsmouth where I can find clothes that fit, I set off from home about 1.30pm for the shopping. So, I didn't get much done.

However, the morning had seen me fill my 25th rubble sack of the weekend, and had also seen me playing with bricks and listening to radio 2.

The car journey had plenty of songs from musicals playing and I was in a good mood as I mooched around the shops in Portsmouth.

The meeting a friend bit was good too and there was chat and food. Good things.

Then the gig went really well. I was MCing it, which was a nice chance to roll out some material I seldom do, and a good chance to try out some stuff which had occurred to me recently. Some jokes were so fresh that they were thought up in the venue. Broadly speaking, it worked, so I'm happy. The audience filled in the gaps, mainly with laughter.

There was a very pretty girl in the audience and she accosted me, which made my night. She complimented me on my shirt, which was nice, and she called me "mister", which I found sweet. It was like she was trying to say "hey mate" and "alright fella" but ended up with "mister". Like a Dickensian urchin. So sweet. So pretty. So delightful, that I totally forgot to hit on her. D'oh!

Anyway, after I'd done my pathos-laced love-letter, I think everyone will have been put off from romantic involvement with such a loser. I'd made the love-letter up.

Then home.

The electrician comes in the morning. I've a list for him.


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