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Monday, April 16

Steering Clear Of Danger

I know that I'm incapable of sticking to a weightloss programme. However, I also know that I just spent money on trousers that are a few sizes larger than I'd like to be wearing. Well, let's say two sizes. Maybe 3. I also know that these trousers will need a little wearing in. Though I could fit myself into the trousers a size lower, it doesn't mean anything. Some sizes are cut more generously. Thus I'm actually, probably a size larger than the label on my jeans tells me I am. I don't want to be a big fatty struggling about the place with legs tightly clad in denim. Eugh. Sweaty.

I want to lose some more weight. I want to be able to run around doing household tasks and running up and down ladders like I'm as young as I am, rather than feeling like a sweating, puffing, overweight old man.

I'm not saying I do feel like I'm incapable of doing what I need to do at the moment. I think my weekend of swinging around a lump hammer for hours showed me that I have a certain amount of vitality. Though motivating myself to do more clearing up after I've gotten home from a full day's work will be a challenge.

I think I've got some diet instinct at the moment, though I can lapse easily. Yesterday, I had a reasonably healthy wrap for lunch, but accidentally added a mini panettone to it. Ah Caffe Nero. Naughty but nice. The late afternoon meal was also unhealthy, fried food, but in small quantity - apparently that's what you get. I even remembered ordering the larger version of the dish I was served, and I couldn't be bothered to complain. Yet, on the way home after the gig, my stomach telling me it was hungry, I managed to drive past all sources of food and just take myself off to bed. Wow. I was convinced I'd be getting a takeaway. Apparently not.

This lunchtime, I couldn't be bothered to get anything except a nice healthy salad.

Subway for dinner, but I suspect it will be one of their less unhealthy options.

I've even been told that my on-the-road eating tomorrow will be homemade sandwiches from the person I'm sharing the journey with. When I say sharing the journey, we'll be sharing the car. I plan to pay for the petrol and do all the driving. Sharing can be about something other than wealth.

Share and enjoy. That's what I say.

Unless we're talking about pies. Then I should probably not share and just leave it to someone else.


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