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Monday, April 16

The Hard Labour

I worked very hard on my kitchen/bathroom this Saturday. I had a hard hat a ladder, a breathing mask, a wrecking bar and a lot of energy to expel. The day started with a proper builder's sandwich at Homebase, where I had to buy some caps to cap off the slightly leaking water pipes, that were the result of poor valves leading to the disconnected washing machine.

I proceeded to cap off a few watery things, and then, when that didn't go wrong, I started pulling down the ceiling. It's all down, pretty much.

Ceiling down, I was able to survey the wall to the bathroom. The wall wasn't holding up the room, so I started to take it down.

Divided it stood

After some consultation with a friend of mine, we decided that even the lintel, crossing from the interior wall to the exterior wall couldn't be held responsible for holding up the roof. So it came down, then the internal wall, pretty much, came down. A lot of smashing with hammers and throwing around of bricks. The result was quite a difference.

Undivided it fell

I made a lot of rubble. A lot of rubble indeed.

A multitude of rubble

Periodically I'd do some clearing up, which wasn't especially fun. Around lunchtime I had to go out for some rubble sacks. I bought 30. I've used 25 of them already and there are more to use tonight. I went to a nearby garden centre for the rubble sacks. I asked a small boy - he worked there, so it means I'm getting old, rather than that he was young - for rubble sacks. He misunderstood me and started trying to sell me some small rocks. I've got enough rubble. I don't need more. Eventually we sorted that misunderstanding out. I think the clue for him was when I said "they're like black bags, only heavy duty" - he eventually got it.

With the clearing up complete, I had a lot of rubble sacks sitting in my drive - they probably want to go to the tip - or at least they should consider going into the garage:

All neatly in sacks

I was a bit over the top with my brick-chucking around and one landed on my sweeping brush. The brush handle didn't like that. It was a metal handle and it kinked. Later, it snapped. I stopped work when my brush stopped working (that was Sunday).

Most of what's left is the tidy up operation and the removal of tiles in the ex-bathroom (soon to be the L of my kitchen). That's tonight's job. The builder starts in a couple of weeks and the electrician should have created the necessary wiring infrastructure by the close of play today.

It's moving at a pace.

I'm sort of the potential bottleneck.




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